UP Magazine is TAP Air Portugal inflight magazine.

At UP Magazine we focus on the best that Portugal has to offer. Geared towards travel and travelers, we uncover landscapes, stories, places and secrets, not only in Portugal but in other places and destinations the world over, particularly those where TAP Air Portugal and its partners fly. Our editions highlight companies, people, creations, icons, trends and Portugal ingeniousness, which are all symbols of a unique identity.

Published in Portuguese and English, UP Magazine boasts an international network of top-class contributors that, every month, prepare exclusive reports, chronicles and articles for over 1,000,000 readers of our paper edition. Distinguished internationally as the best in-flight magazine by Spanish Marie Claire and by Scandanavian RES Travel Magazine, UP has also been recognized by the North-American site, UCity Guides.

On UP’s website, we offer a selection of content from the published edition and daily updates in the Updaily section that include chronicles, slideshows, reports and opinion articles sent by our contributors throughout the world. Send us your contribution or commentaries and suggestions. To keep up with all the latest news, join us @ Facebook  /// Vimeo.

Enjoy your journey with up_dare to dream higher!


  1. Connie Silva Hand

    Augusto Freitas de Sousa,

    Hello. I was wondering if you accept articles from independent journalists. I have traveled to Portugal many times and have written vignettes and articles about many of the exciting areas of Portugal.

    If you do accept work from journalists, could you please send me the writers guidelines for your magazine? I will be traveling to Lisbon, Fatima, Aveiro, Chaves, Serra de Estrela, and Lagos in a few weeks. We will be flying TAP again. The trip begins as soon as you board!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Connie Hand

  2. Maria Ana

    Dear Connie

    UP Magazine has it’s own team and collaborators, but we are always open to good suggestions.
    You may contact us for more details through the official email upmagazine@tap.pt.

    Best regards,

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