Vinhos tentadores

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During the next few months, TAP will be serving wines from Setúbal Peninsula. A pleasant surprise for the senses.

Setúbal Peninsula is a region that boasts great vinic traditions, and one that offers some of the best-value high-quality wines. The Phoenicians and Greeks started this wine culture, followed by the Romans, Arabs and Francs, who increased production. In the Middle Ages, after the Christian reconquest, wine production developed further, becoming one of Portugal’s biggest exports. The sector was dominated by religious orders, which also devised new agricultural techniques. At the time of the Portuguese Discoveries, many ships and caravels were loaded with wine from the region. It was also the birthplace of the concept of “roda” or “torna-viagem” wines, whose quality improved substantially after enjoying the Equator’s warmer climes, and higher prices on their return.

Much like most of the country since the 1980s, the peninsula has invested in revamping vineyards and improving quality, becoming one of Portugal’s most important wine-producing regions in the process. TAP will be serving wines from four producers (Adega de Palmela, Bacalhôa Vinhos, Casa Ermelinda Freitas and Quinta do Brejinho da Costa) on medium and long-haul flights (standard and business class) until January.

The peninsula is located south of Lisbon, with large estates dominated by the grapes castelão and moscatel. Vineyards can be found throughout the entire region, from Palmela to Sines, mostly in flat areas, except those in the Arrábida Mountains. The soils are mainly sandy, the terrain poor, the climate Mediterranean and mild. And the end result? Excellent.


by Maria João de Almeida


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