A Niemeyer sofá

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Good: A sofá

Better: Niemeyer

In 1940, Juscelino Kubitschek, who was mayor of Belo Horizonte at the time, invited the well-known and respected architect Oscar Niemeyer to design the Complexo da Pampulha, a collection of buildings around the lake of the same name, which UNESCO classified as World Heritage in 2016. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and a very important partnership that led to the construction of the country’s capital, Brasília, which was inaugurated in 1960, when JK had risen to President of the Brazilian Republic. The rounded look of the Niemeyer sofa designed by Joana Santos Barbosa, architect and founder of InsidherLand, is influenced by Rio de Janeiro’s remarkable Casa das Canoas, which was designed by Niemeyer in 1951. The sculpted flat concrete roof seems to float on pillars and the curves stand out amongst the forested landscape. Curves and concrete, the features of a unique work whose architecture, in Joana’s words, “spread like sculptural poetry throughout the history of humanity”.

Sofá Niemeyer by Joana Santos Barbosa – InsidherLand \\\ insidherland.com \\ niemeyer.org.br \\\ €4800


by Paula Oliveira Ribeiro


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