Toys for grown men

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Some are useful, other useless. Here are four objects that can change your life forever. For better or worse.

Tempus fugit
Just leave a handful of nerds alone and they’ll invent the daftest of things. Of course, they work beautifully, however, they’re utterly pointless. Like this assanine watch, which has no hands and presents the time in written form. Which causes obvious language barriers. With hands anyone (Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Kyrgyzstanese) can work out the time, but with this thing you have to learn a new language, even though you can download any language you want. The question is: why complicate somethng so simple? \\\ €145


Cry baby
Finally, a handy gadget. A device that can understand and translate a baby’s cry. Too good to be true? Seems not. The makers swear that the device has a 90% success record. A built-in microphone pickes up and analyses the cry and compares it with other patterns of volume, frequency and interval patterns and in less than 20 seconds flashes up the verdict on the monitor: hungry, bored, sleepy, stressed or just grumpy. \\\ €26


Pocket projector
Here’s some good news. Now, you can torture you’re friends by showing them big shots of your last trip, your dog or parakeet that are on your iPhone. And this can be done anywhere, in your living room, at work or during dinner. All you have to do is use the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4. It couldn’t be simpler, connect it to your iPhone and Bob’s your uncle! You can also control the focus and brightness. This little beauty also has an in-built 5-watt amplifier so you can add music or a voice over. You can recharge via a USB and it also works as a spare battery for your phone. \\\ €175


Ashes to ashes
Now you don’t have to clean the avement when you take your dog for a walk. Here’s AshPoopie, which is highly functional: it picks up the poop and with the press of a button…shazam, it reduces it to cinders. Simple, practical and hygienic. The idea is so good that the company are developing a device for camp sites, boats, trains, caravans and aeroplanes, etc. Reminiscent of a walking stick, it has one button to pick the stuff up and another to blast it. Like everything good has a down side, this will only be on the market by the end of the year, but you can always pre-order.

by Zeca Rodrigues


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