Torel Palace, Lisbon

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Between Avenida da Liberdade and the Jardim do Torel park lies a well-kept secret. The Torel Palace, dating from the 18th century, is evocative of the days of kings and queens, blending bygone charm with present-day comfort.

  • Torel Palace
  • Torel Palace
  • Torel Palace
  • Torel Palace
  • Torel Palace
  • Torel Palace

The history of Torel Palace could read like a fairytale. Once upon a time, a Dutch nobleman ordered that a palace be built in a garden, calling it Thorel in honour of his family. At the time, it was the only building standing out on the hill facing Valverde, which would become Avenida da Liberdade. Today, this privileged location is one of the main assets of the palace, now rebuilt to echo these bygone times.

“We opened to the public about five months ago,” explains António Silveira Botelho, Director of Sales and Marketing at Torel Palace. Surprised by their immediate success, he believes Torel Palace offers certain conditions which very few Lisbon hotels can compete with, the Palace’s long history being one such factor. Rather than merely being somewhere to stay, the hotel aims to offer such charming and personalized service that guests will really feel at home. Guests are served a glass of Port on arrival, while breakfast is individually served at your table or in your room, and may be taken earlier or later. This level of personal attention is only possible on account of the number of rooms and guests that Torel Palace can accommodate: the equivalent of 10 suites and a 4-person villa. The decor of each room reflects the history of Portugal, as does another interesting detail: each room is named after a Portuguese queen. The biography of each monarch, provided in the rooms, allows each the pretext of telling their own story, inspiring a decor reminiscent of period dramas but without neglecting today’s luxuries. iPod chargers, television and air conditioning are just some of the room details, as well as old wooden finishings, chandeliers and shuttered windows.

But Torel Palace is not just about history. Its exterior invites guests to take advantage of its location in the heart of the city. The private outdoor swimming pool and terrace overlooking Avenida da Liberdade are ideal places to savour meals available through a partnership between Torel Palace and Casa da Comida, Portugal’s first Michelin-starred restaurant.

In addition to the catering service, there’s a babysitting service, private tours available through advance booking, and a massage service available 24 hours a day. Rather than just achieving success, Torel Palace aims to be a charming and personalised hotel, which is representative of Lisbon and which, above all, leaves guests longing for more. Alone or in company, make the most of the chance to catch up on your reading with one of the many literary classics available in the hotel. And as it’s not every day you get to sleep in a palace, make the most of the setting and let yourself be spoilt like royalty.

Rua Câmara Pestana, 23, Lisboa /// +351 218 290 819 /// /// €155 – €245

by Marta Baptista


Queens in literature

Each of this hotel’s rooms contains a biography of the queen it was named after. The story of these women inspired various authors to immortalise them in books.

D. Amélia /// Dona Amélia, a Rainha Exilada /// Isabel Stilwell

D. Maria Pia /// Eu, Maria Pia /// Diana de Cadaval

Rainha Santa Isabel /// Isabel de Aragão, Rainha Santa /// Vitorino Nemésio

D. Estefânia /// D. Estefânia, um Trágico Amor /// Sara Rodi

D. Filipa de Lencastre /// Filipa de Lencastre, a Rainha que Mudou Portugal /// Isabel Stilwell

D. Maria II /// D. Maria II, Tudo por um Reino /// Isabel Stilwell

D. Catarina de Bragança /// Catarina de Bragança /// Isabel Stilwell

D. Inês de Castro /// Inês de Castro /// Faustino da Fonseca

D: Leonor /// Dona Leonor, Princesa Perfeitíssima /// João Ameal

D. Isabel de Portugal /// Imperatriz Isabel de Portugal /// Manuela Gonzaga

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