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Marisa Monte, Devendra Banhart & Rodrigo Amarante – “Nu com a minha música” (Red Hot)
Bossa & Jazz 04

With a recording career that started in 1989, this Rio artist got media attention via the different musical paths she has trodden. After her early work, which was created under the watchful eye of New York musician Arto Lindsay, she followed up with the success of the Tribalistas. Marisa Monte has recently released her 8th solo album: O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade. This song, which can be heard of the Bossa & Jazz channel, is part of the Red Hot in Rio compilation, where she joins fellow countryman Rodrigo Amarante and the American Devendra Banhart to perform the Caetano Veloso original “Nu com a Minha Música”.


Foo Fighters – “Arlandria” (RCA Records)
Rock 02

Led by the charismatic Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters began as a solo project for songs he wrote while drummer of Nirvana, which appeared on the eponymous debut album released in 1995. With hugely successful tours and three Grammys under their belt, the North American group crafted their seventh album, Wasting Light, in 2011, which includes “Arlandria”, which can be heard on the Rock channel and highlights the bands guitars and the drumming of Taylor Hawkins.


Fausto – “Atrás dos tempos” (Sony)
Portugal 01

Fausto Bordalo Dias is considered to be one of the most important figures on the traditional Portuguese music scene of the last four decades. His career has involved adventure on both land and seas, with highlights that include his masterpieces in the form of a triptych. Using the title Lusitana Diáspora, inspired by the history of Portuguese maritime expansion, these projects began in 1982 with Por Este Rio Acima, and ended last year with Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis. Madrugada dos Trapeiros, from 1978, showed him to be one of the best Portuguese-speaking singer-songwriters and was the album that spawned the song “Atrás dos Tempos”, which can be heard on the  Portugal Channel.


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