The Francis Bag / D-Dia Chair

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Interior designer by training, Eliana Tomaz had courted the idea of launching her own brand for a long time. But, on the day she walked out into the street with a bag she’d made herself, little did she imagine that just over a year later she’d be creating her second collection. Her bag caught people’s eye and so Tomaz was born. In this second collection, which she’s named Francis, Eliana has once again invested in the use of very Portuguese materials such as woollen burel cloth and leather in order to demonstrate her founding motto, that “the items should be to use for a life time, timeless, like good heavy coats which every year are taken out of the cupboard to use.” The Francis collection consists of two items, the tote bag (pictured) with adjustable straps, and the clutch bag, which is ideal for carrying everyday items such as tablets, notepads or books. The items are entirely handmade to order and are limited editions, which makes them unique. \\\ +351 914 468 335 \\\ €125



cadeira ddia

The Gonçalo chair, reinterpreted here, is an icon of Portuguese esplanades, and since the 1950s has been named after the master metal worker who made it into a national symbol. The colourful piece presented has been given an overhaul by plastic artist Sofia Areal. It also has a twin sister, the so-called D-Noite chair, and featured in the Homage to the Portuguese Chair exhibition commissioned by the Casa de Santa Maria in Cascais. Other artists, designers, and architects also participated, including José de Guimarães, Nini Andrade Silva and Álvaro Siza. If you’re interested in acquiring the classic design in various colours and materials, look at the catalogue of Arcalo, the restaurant furnishings company which registered the design in the 1990s. \\\ 

by Patrícia Brito


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