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2020 – A summer with more flights

With TAP’s continuous operational investments come lots of new things planned for summer 2020. One of the priorities is growth, which is why the airline will expand its focus on the USA with four daily flights to New York: daily flights are doubled between Lisbon-JFK, in addition to the Lisbon-Newark and Porto-Newark flights, which become daily. Miami will get ten flights a week instead of the current seven, and the new routes to Washington, DC and Chicago will also include daily flights.

TAP will continue to invest in Brazil, with flights on board the new A321LR and more flights to Natal and Belém, increasing from three to five flights per week to each destination.

The Tel Aviv route, which started this year, has been a success. As a result, TAP is now investing in two daily flights, instead of just one, and both with the modern A321 Long Range, enabling better connectivity between Israel and the USA and Brazil. This way, TAP guarantees all passengers the same comfort as long-distance planes, with more space in standard class, ergonomic seats, like those available on the Airbus A330neo, and an onboard entertainment and connectivity system that allows passengers to send free, unlimited written messages via wi-fi. Next summer, the same aircraft will operate one of the Lisbon-JFK flights and the Porto-Newark connection, as well as flying to Moscow and, in winter, to Washington, DC.

In the north of the country, TAP will inaugurate the Shuttle between Porto and Madrid, with six daily flights, more than double the current number. There will also be more connections between Porto and Funchal with one more daily flight, in the middle of the day, using the new A321LR and operate the daily Porto-Newark and the fourth weekly Porto-São Paulo flight. Finally, the Lisbon Jet Shuttle gains another daily flight compared to summer 2019.

In Lisbon, TAP will launch a new route to Santiago de Compostela and consolidate other connections to Spain, adding daily flights between Lisbon and Barcelona (from six to seven), Bilbao, Valencia and Malaga (from two to three), and Seville (from three to four). Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, will also have another daily flight, thus improving connectivity with TAP’s intercontinental flights.

The investment in more modern, efficient and comfortable planes also allows TAP to make the new A330neo available to passengers flying to Luanda later this year, starting this month, and to passengers flying to Maputo by the end of the year.

TAP continues at cruising speed on the growth route focussing on an even more strategic future, allowing the airline to be even better, more efficient and competitive.


Porto-Munique direct

Flights from Porto to Munich, Germany, began on the first day of September. After the inauguration of the route between Porto and Brussels in July, TAP’s operations in Portugal’s northern capital are expanding again, with a daily flight to the city that hosts the Oktoberfest. “München Mag Dich!” – “Munich likes you!” – is the motto of a city that welcomes around six million people to this festival every year, which is considered to be one of the world’s biggest and one that plays an important role in Bavarian folklore. However, there’s a lot more to Munich than just the festival, and there’s a lot to discover besides beer and singsongs. Much of the city was rebuilt after the World War II, however, the main monuments escaped the bombings and remained for posterity. Apart from being an important centre for the German car industry, Munich has a remarkable architectural legacy, from Baroque churches and palaces to the great neoclassical monuments of the Ludwig I era, who dreamed of making the city a “new Athens”. Passengers who travelled on these first flights were surprised with presents in the shape of Longlife Essências de Portugal in Porto. Those who travelled from Munich received a gift from the Porto and North Tourist Authority, as well as a discount voucher for a city tour from Cityrama, on arrival at the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. TAP now flies from Porto to Munich every day, departing at 11.30 am and arriving at 3.10 pm. The return flight departs at 3.55 pm and arrives in Porto at 5.45 pm.


Banjul this month

From 26th October, TAP will begin flying to Banjul, the capital of the Gambia, with three weekly flights departing from Lisbon. The Airbus A320 leaves Lisbon on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:55 pm, and arrives in Banjul at 12:10 pm the following day. The return flight takes off at 1:05 am (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and lands at Humberto Delgado Airport at 6:05 am (local time). The capital of the Gambia is known for its lively markets, such as Albert Market, and monuments like Arch 22 and the National Gambia Museum. Nearby, the country offers various resorts with fabulous beaches, parks and nature reserves, on a sustainable tourist circuit that respects the preservation of ecosystems and traditions. With the launch of this new route, once again TAP expands its operations to Africa, adding another country and a capital to its network of destinations on the African continent. TAP now connects Portugal to 12 countries and 18 African cities directly.


New fleet, new names

In just one month, TAP has christened seven new aircraft. In addition to D. Maria I and Carlos Paredes, as reported in September, D. Dinis, Marquês de Pombal and Bartolomeu Perestrelo (long-haul), and Amélia Rey Colaço and Agustina Bessa-Luís (medium-haul), are now part of TAP’s fleet, lending their names to some of the most modern aircraft that have become part of the company’s fleet in recent months. “It’s TAP tribute to important figures in Portuguese society, publicising their names and achievements throughout the world. They were important for the country, in a variety of ways and fields. They are all distinctly “Portuguese” in character, which is something we proudly carry with us on every flight”, explains Rita Tamagnini, head of corporate communication. “Long-haul planes are usually named after people from Portuguese history, like monarchs or sailors, and medium-haul planes, with names linked to different parts of society, from musicians to figures in theatre or literature who are close to Portuguese hearts”. TAP will continue to honour figures who help customers and staff to identify with the TAP brand and with what the company represents for Portugal.


More comfort and efficiency

TAP’s customers now have access to a new service desk at Lisbon Airport, near the Premium Customer Centre, in the departures area. The space was officially opened on 26th August. The new Customer Service Desk is easy to access and was designed to prioritise proximity and comfort, as demonstrated by the place’s ergonomics, spaciousness and rest area, not forgetting the decor and lighting. Here, every day, between 5.00 am and midnight, TAP customers can obtain information on checkins, purchase or change tickets and clarify doubts regarding luggage and other issues. Service will also be more efficient, with a new system for assigning tickets, which notifies customers of the next numbers to be called via mobile phone. With this project’s completion, TAP also promotes brand consistency and uniformisation with the airline’s other airport places – the Premium Customer Centre and Premium Lounge -, which emphasise open spaces, calm and comfort, facilitating customer well-being.


TAP events

Portugal's National Air Carrier supports these events:

30.09 - 02.10 /// Lisboa /// Experience Agile

2019 01 - 03.10 /// Porto /// IBDE

03 - 06.10 /// Lisboa /// European Marketing Camp

03 - 06.10 /// Portimão ///MEETSSS Algarve

07.10 /// Estoril /// Gala da Cruz Vermelha

08 - 11.10 /// Lisboa /// WYSTC

09 - 11.10 /// Porto /// Geodecision 2019 – Geodecision Sustainable for Communities

10 - 13.10 /// Sintra /// Ubucon Europe

11 - 13.10 /// Lisboa /// Blue Skies Lisbon Lindy Exchange

15 - 18.10 /// Lisboa /// APDEA/III ESADR

15 - 18.10 /// Lisboa /// 13.ª edição da conferência unternacional Food and Data Conference

16 - 18.10 /// Coimbra /// 4.º Congresso Internacional de Direitos Humanos de Coimbra

16 - 19.10 /// Lisboa /// Torneio de Golfe Beloura BR/PT

16 - 20.10 /// Lisboa /// iMed Conference A

17 - 19.10 /// Braga ///6.º ISCaM – 6.º Encontro Anual de Sociedade Internacional de Metabolismo em Cancro

17 - 21.10 /// Lisboa /// Vetted Collaborative

23 - 24.10 /// Lisboa /// 63rd European Congress of Quality

31.10 /// Lisboa /// Business Transformation Summit

31.10 - 03.11 /// Cascais /// Science on Stage

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