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Europe’s best economy class

The North American newspaper USA Today has named TAP’s Economy Class as the best in Europe and the sixth best in the world. Announced on 24th January, this was the result of the 10 Best Readers’ Choice Award vote, in which the newspaper’s readers chose the most comfortable and advantageous economy classes, based on a variety of factors, such as seat quality and in- -flight entertainment systems.

This result reaffirms TAP’s investment in North America, and the USA in particular. The total number of customers transported to and from North America increased by 500% between 2015 and 2019. Last year alone, TAP inaugurated four new routes, between Porto and New York and between Lisbon and Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., bringing the total of destinations to 11. This year, with the launch of the Ponta Delgada and Boston route, TAP now offers 82 weekly flights, compared to 2015, when there were only 16.

Other success factors have included the expansion and modernisation of the fleet, which has grown 21% since 2015, more than any other European airline – according to Flight Global data, with TAP being the only airline in the world to fly with the most modern generation of Airbus (NEO).


TAP wins at Euronext Lisbon Awards

TAP picked up the Issuer of the Year Award at the Euronext Lisbon Awards ceremony on 27th January for its first public bond offering on the Portuguese capital market in June 2019. The award was presented at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Lisbon – chosen by a jury made up of PSI 20 Committee members –, thus recognising TAP’s operation as the most important and visible in the Portuguese capital market. The amount raised – 200 million euros, i.e. four times the initial 50 million euros planned – will consolidate TAP’s liabilities over a longer period, through the refinancing of debts, as well as raising capital to fund its current activity. “This award is important recognition of TAP’s work from the financial markets, which is very pleasing and boosts confidence regarding the present and the future we’re building,” said Raffael Quintas, TAP’s chief financial officer, on receiving the award.

This recognition came a week after TAP won the European Debt Deal of the Year at the Aviation 100 Awards, in Dublin, Ireland. Organised by the British magazine Airline Economics, TAP was distinguished for successfully issuing bonds totalling 375 million euros to international investors, on 2nd December 2019. According to TAP CEO Antonoaldo Neves, “this award underlines the success of TAP’s first debt operation in the international market and highlights the importance of the current transformation strategy. TAP’s presence in the international capital market and the operation’s success demonstrate international investors’ confidence in TAP and Portugal”. The Aviation 100 Awards recognise best performance in the aviation sector via an international vote by industry professionals.


Social Responsibility with a new strategy

TAP’s transformation process in 2019 also included the company’s social responsibility policy, which now focusses on more structured and lasting business-related projects, as well as greater involvement of TAP staff.

One example of this is the restructuring of the TAP Donate Miles programme, which now accepts applications from institutions based in Brazil and in the African countries where TAP operates. TAP Donate Miles partnerships last for three years, which provides more time for consistent project development and continuity. From 2020 onwards, three new institutions will be selected every year as TAP Donate Miles Programme solidarity partners.

The airline has relied on its TAP Miles&Go customers since 2004 to support a wide range of non-profit organisations through donated miles that help make a difference. Over 50 institutions have already benefited from this support through millions of donated miles, which have brought help to those most in need through solidarity travel. At the end of last year, the six institutions that TAP worked with in 2019 (Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima, We Are Changing Together, Mundo a Sorrir, Estímulo, Solidariedade Internacional a Moçambique and Médicos do Mundo) were symbolically honoured.

When TAP takes off, it leaves the ground with volunteers, with donations and help, with customers who donate miles and with staff who want to play an active role in creating a better world for everyone. Good causes fly with us. Learn more at flytap.com, TAP Miles&Go option.


Ary dos Santos flies higher

One of the most modern planes in the world now carries the moniker of one of the greatest figures of 20th-century Portuguese poetry. TAP paid tribute to the poet José Carlos Ary dos Santos (1937-1984) by naming the new Airbus A320neo CS-TVF after him. The ceremony, which took place in one of TAP’s hangars on 29th January, was attended by the poet’s family and over a hundred staff, and featured the singers Simone de Oliveira and Fernando Tordo, who performed the mythical “Desfolhada Portuguesa” and “Tourada”, songs whose lyrics were written by Ary dos Santos and which are part of the Portuguese collective imagination. This was highlighted by Miguel Frasquilho, chairman of TAP Group, at the opening ceremony: “Today we celebrate the passion we have for TAP and show our gratitude to the figures that mean so much to Portugal.” Maintaining its pledge to be the country’s greatest ambassador, last December, TAP also named the A321neo CS-TJN after the award-winning Portuguese architect and painter, Nadir Afonso, in the presence of the artist’s wife and children. In the same month, the name Fuas Roupinho, knight and advisor to the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, was emblazoned on a long-haul aircraft, the Airbus A330neo, registration CS-TUN. In this way, TAP upholds the tradition of naming its aeroplanes after key Portuguese figures, taking the country’s culture higher and further.


TAP news at the BTL

New destinations, new chefs participating in the Taste the Stars programme, new products on board and the TAP Miles&Go programme with extra benefits. These are just some of the surprises that TAP has prepared for the Lisbon Travel Market (BTL), which is hosted at FIL between 11th and 15th March. Covering an area of 216 square metres, the TAP pavilion will have two floors and several important features and moments, including the celebration of its 75th anniversary. According to BTL organisers, this is the largest tourism-related contact platform in Portugal, offering professionals the opportunity to understand the Portuguese and international market in greater depth. It’s also a showcase for the latest news and technological innovations in the sector. Alongside this, it offers the general public the chance to choose new solutions and destinations for holidays at very competitive prices. The 2019 BTL had 1,400 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors.



Portugal's national air carrier supports these events:

11 - 15.03 /// Lisboa /// BTL

16 - 25.03 /// Porto /// EIF

18 - 20.03 /// Lisboa /// 13th Global Summit of National Bioethics Committees

18 - 21.03 /// Lisboa /// T-Forum 2020 Global Conference

19 - 22.03 /// Lisboa /// Lisbomun International Conference

20 - 22.03 /// Lisboa /// International Healthy Aging Summit

20 - 26.03 /// Évora /// 14th European Systems Conference

23 - 27.03 /// Praia, Cabo Verde /// Emergys

24 - 26.03 /// Lisboa /// FHIN – Smart Farming, Health Ingredients and Nutrition

25 - 26.03 /// Lisboa /// Expo – Forum Digitalks

26 - 29.03 /// Lisboa /// 11th Aims Meeting

27 - 28.03 /// Ponta Delgada /// Congresso Médicocientífico dos Açores

29 - 31.03 /// Lisboa /// Conference Radio and Digital Audio Professionals

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