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17 million passengers

An absolute record. TAP transported 17.05 million passengers in 2019, more than ever before. There were 1.29 million more customers than in 2018 (an 8.2% increase in traffic), while the passenger load factor was 80.1%.

TAP’s traffic indicators were very positive towards the end of the year, a trend seen since the second quarter of the year, which meant 2019 finished with improvements in all main indicators. December was also the airline’s best, with 1.3 million passengers transported, 14% more than in the same month of 2018.

In a year marked by major internal changes, TAP’s sustained growth has been possible thanks to a total renewal of its fleet, an increase in supply, diversification of routes and markets, particularly the consolidation of North America investment, and increasingly competitive and customer-focussed business practices.


“Made in Portugal” in Brazil

TAP continues to showcase the best of Portugal, and 2019 was no exception. In conjunction with the Associação Empresarial de Portugal – AEP (Portuguese Business Association), the airline organised Portugal Premium in São Paulo, Brazil, a two-day event with activities dedicated to Portuguese produce.

The Portuguese Consulate hosted tastings, talks and show cooking prepared by chefs Vítor Sobral, Henrique Sá Pessoa and Rui Paula, members of TAP’s Taste the Stars project. The Douro and Alentejo regions were also present, with names like 5 Bagos, Aveleda, Cave Central da Bairrada, Herdade Grande, Minho Fumeiro, Pecado Capital, Pinhal da Torres, Porto Reccua, Prisca and Vallegre involved with wine and food pairings.

In addition to participating in the Conversas a Gosto talks, which focussed on the potential of Portuguese products, visitors enjoyed fashion by the Portuguese designers Katty Xiomara, Luís Buchinho, Júlio Torcato and Cotton Brothers. At dinner, chefs Sobral, Sá Pessoa and Paula gathered at the Taberna da Esquina and Loup restaurants, where they prepared a fusion menu, working alongside Brazilian chefs Titto di Assis, Dorival Ribas and Arnor Porto.

In other parts of São Paulo, various spots accepted the challenge of presenting Portuguese flavours. At Axado Bar, Bar ARTE, Charles Edward, Mercearia São Roque, Piriquita & Gin Club, Tetto Lounge Rooftop and Loup Restaurante, there was a toast with Porto Tónico, with dishes and cocktails inspired by Portuguese products. Still on the subject of the Portugal Premium initiative, some passengers on TAP routes to Brazil were surprised with tastings and gifts from the Portuguese textile sector.

Portugal Premium was the first event organised by TAP in conjunction with AEP, as part of PT2020, offering thousands of Brazilians the chance to experience the excellence of food, wine and fashion Made in Portugal.


TAP Air Cargo: new website

The TAP department responsible for collecting, transporting and delivering goods – TAP Air Cargo – has a new website, demonstrating the company’s digital transformation and modern approach. At tapaircargo.aero, which also has a mobile version, customers now have access to information on products and services, requests for quotes, timetables and immediate online bookings, electronic freight bills, Track & Trace – the process identifying cargo’s current status – and channels for immediate and direct contact with customer care for questions and solutions. This new channel is faster, more reliable and higher priority, offering access to TAP Air Cargo’s latest features. Currently the subject of major technological investment, TAP Air Cargo provides global solutions for transporting of all types of goods – from the most fragile to the most complex, whether material or live animals – via personalised service focussed on its customers and their needs.


TAP celebrates Cape Verde’s mornas

Cape Verde’s “top music”, morna, was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO last December. To mark the achievement and celebrate this unique musical genre, TAP organised a concert on the Lisbon-Sao Vicente flight on December 13th, featuring singer Cremilda Medina and musician Aldair Neves, both Cape Verdeans. Passengers enjoyed a unique performance and an important aspect of Cape Verdean culture before even landing in the country. TAP also surprised passengers on the flight with 200 CD-books that included a compilation of mornas and texts detailing its history. In September 2018, following the application for Intangible Heritage, TAP presented another morna concert on board a Lisbon-Sao Vicente flight, which included renowned guitarist Armando Tito, who played with the famous Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora throughout the world.


TAP among the world’s safest

TAP is the second safest airline in Europe and 13th in the world. This was the judgement of the AirlineRatings website in January, which assesses airlines around the world, taking into account criteria such as safety and products offered.

Gonçalo Nápoles, TAP’s Safety Manager, highlights the contribution of every member of staff that makes this recognition possible, stressing that this “is proof that risk management work can align with the company’s strategy and transformation needs”. According to Geoffrey Thomas, who manages the site’s content, “these airlines are industry benchmarks and are at the forefront of safety, innovation, operational excellence and the launch of new aircraft”, the latter a key aspect of TAP’s investment since 2015.

Launched in 2013, AirlineRatings assesses the safety and product standards of over 400 airlines, using a star system, which it attributes according to fleet age, accident history and safety parameters defined by the International Air Transport Association – with regard to IOSA certification -, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the US Federal Aviation Authority. TAP currently has the maximum seven stars attributed in terms of safety.


Eventos TAP

Portugal's national air carrier supports these events:

01 - 08.02 /// Coimbra /// V Encontro Mundial de Piano de Coimbra

05 - 08.02 /// Lisboa /// XXI Congresso de Psicanálise

10 - 13.02 /// Lisboa /// 2nd AIM Cost Annual & WG Meeting

13 - 20.02 /// São Tomé /// Global Limits São Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing

17 - 22.02 /// Cascais ///Cascais International Pro-Am

28 - 29.02 /// Cascais /// Cascais Amateur Classic Trophy

27.02 - 01.03 /// Coimbra /// IX-IN 4MED Congresso Médico Científico

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