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Stars for the crew

International Flight Attendant Day, which was celebrated on May 31st, was commemorated in a very special way at TAP. From that date onwards, TAP’s female cabin crew were able to wear stars on their uniforms, specially designed for the Portuguese airline, which were provided that day at the TAP Crew Terminal, both in Lisbon and Porto. Previously, our female crew members’ uniforms didn’t indicate their career development, however, this is now possible with a star-shaped pin: one star for tenured employees, two stars for pursers, and three stars for supervisors. For Nuno Veiga da Fonseca, TAP’s director of cabin crew, “it’s something to be proud of, because it’s recognition our flight attendants get on the plane, as well as that from the airline”. According to him, “TAP remains at the forefront of airlines, finding a way to recognise female crew members without making their uniforms more masculine.


USA x 3

TAP started three routes to the U.S. in just one month. Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC are the Portuguese company’s latest destinations. Chicago was the first, which was inaugurated on 1st June and celebrated at both Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. On Portugal Day, 10th June, TAP traversed the entire country to San Francisco for the first time directly, while on the 16th the airline launched flights to Washington, DC, also with celebrations on both sides of the Atlantic. Taking advantage of the geographical position of the Lisbon hub, investment in the North American market can be seen in TAP’s modernisation, growth, diversification and expansion plans. Compared to 2015, when the company flew only to New York-Newark and Miami, TAP has quadrupled the number of destinations to the USA, offering a total of eight destinations this year. In addition to Newark and Miami, there is Boston, Toronto, New York-JFK and now Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC, making TAP the fastest growing European airline in this market, with a 176.5% increase in the total number of passengers transported between Portugal and North America between 2015 and 2018.


Consolidation in Europe and Africa

After initiating the Dublin and Basel routes in March, TAP has consolidated its operation in Europe with three more destinations. The routes to Tenerife and Naples – both departing from Lisbon – were launched on 15th June, while operations between Porto and Brussels started with the inaugural flight on 1st July. A couple of days later, TAP began flying between Lisbon and Conakry, the capital of Guinea, TAP’s 17th African destination. With the start of flights to Tenerife, TAP now operates 201 weekly flights between Portugal and Spain, to nine Spanish airports. The Naples route is now TAP’s sixth destination in Italy, a market that has seen significant growth, increasing by 18% from 2016 to 2017 and with 36% more sales in the first quarter of 2019, compared to the same period last year. With flights to Conakry, TAP’s network now includes a total of 17 African cities in 11 countries. In 2018, there was a major increase in the number of customers on TAP’s African routes, with 116,000 more passengers transported than in 2017, for a total of 1.1 million passengers, which represents a growth of 11.2% on the previous year.


The first public bond issue

TAP successfully undertook its first public bond issue on the Portuguese stock market on 12th June. This was the largest public bond issue by a Corporate Issuer since 2012. High demand increased the final offer to €200 million, four times more than the initial €50 million. “TAP made its first public bond issue on the Portuguese stock market, which we are very satisfied with. This reiterates the importance of TAP for Portugal, representing a vote of confidence from Portuguese and foreign investors, boosting stock markets’ faith in the TAP team,” said Antonoaldo Neves, TAP’s CEO. The amount raised through the issue of TAP Bonds 2019-2023 is intended to consolidate TAP’s liabilities over a longer period by refinancing debts that will mature in the near future, as well as to obtain funds for TAP to finance its current operations. “This operation sustains the growth strategy TAP has been implementing, helping to build success for the company’s future”, declared Miguel Frasquilho, chairman of Grupo TAP. The gross interest rate on bonds was set at 4.375% per annum and the maturity at four years.


TAP Cargo Awards 2019

The first edition of the TAP Cargo Awards celebrated the success of TAP’s business partners in Coimbra on 7th June. The event brought together TAP representatives and some of its main air cargo partners, including agents and direct customers. The TAP Cargo Awards 2019 elected its TOP 5 partners – each divided between central and southern, as well as northern areas of Portugal – with the highest turnover last year. The Abreu Agência Zona Centro e Sul (Centre and South) and Lusocargo, in the north, were the evening’s big winners, taking home the first prize in their sector. Arnaud Zona Centro e Sul won second prize, as did Abreu Zona Norte, while ETE Zona Norte and Olicargo came third. Fourth place went to DHL (North) and Alcotrans (Centre and South) and fifth went to Savino Del Bene (North) and Extra (Centre and South). Sweet Fruits – currently TAP Air Cargo’s largest importer and winner of the Perishable Cargo award – and Schenker – who won the Express Cargo award – were also recognised. In addition to these partners, Honourable Mentions were made for Allways Cargo (North and Centre and South), Torrestir, Olicargo Zona Norte, Totalplan and Overseas Freight. TAP’s growth has seen investment and growth of its partners in all business areas. The airline continues to invest in the air cargo business, recognising it as strategic and key to the company’s sustained growth.


Alentejo and Ribatejo reward UP

Once again, UP has picked up the Communication Award at the Alentejo Tourism and Ribatejo Tourism Awards 2018, after winning the same distinction in 2015, boosting TAP’s in-flight magazine’s enthusiasm has for these regions. The judges were taken from the official tourist authority, the University of Lisbon’s Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Agência Regional de Promoção Turística, Neoturis, Publituris, Turisver, Ambitur, O Mirante, Diário do Sul, the University of Évora and Turismo de Portugal.


TAP voted best airline

TAP won the Marketeer Award for Best Airline on 30th May for its marketing, advertising and communication in Portugal during 2018. The competition included eight companies, seven of which were international, and the ceremony took place at the Beato Convent in Lisbon, with 1,200 guests in attendance. Selection and voting were based on the opinion of professionals in the sector, at a time when TAP is investing in new ways of communicating with customers that are simpler, more agile and with greater proximity and involvement. The nominees for the Marketeer Awards were determined by the publication’s writers and editorial board and, again, TAP was highlighted, having already won the same award in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.


TAP Taste the Stars sets the table in London

After New York and São Paulo, it was London’s turn to discover Portuguese gastronomy at a new international event organised by TAP and Time Out: Passport to Portugal. In partnership with Portugal Foods and the Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP), TAP took its Taste the Stars programme chefs to the British capital, where they were the stars of the Time Out London party on 28th June. This was the fifth foreign event that TAP helped to promote the best of Portugal, giving the brands and products of various Portuguese companies international exposure. Over 300 guests, including travel agents, journalists and opinion makers, experienced Portuguese culture and cuisine in the different food corners dotted around the LABS Camden – Triangle space. Olive oil, wines, cheeses, charcuterie, coffee and Portuguese sweets delighted those present, who also got the chance to see show cooking and taste the menus served aboard TAP planes, which were created by Vítor Sobral, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Rui Paula, Tiago Bonito and Ricardo Costa, the Michelin chefs of Taste the Stars. Once again, on land and in the air, TAP always offers a sky-high experience.


TAP events

Portugal's national air carrier supports these events:

21 - 23.08 /// Porto /// Agile Lean Europe Unconference

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