Santiago de Compostela necessaire

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The weather is inclement at this time of year. Protect yourself and make hiking all about fun and freedom.


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by Helena Barradas


The ways of Santiago

A pilgrim is someone who crosses fields, abandons routines, vanities and intolerances, in search of peace and harmony. And there are many ways leading to Compostela. However, a long hike should be well planned and prepared for all kinds of weather. Above all, be physically fit and used to walking for several kilometres at a good pace. Exercise at least two months before. Essentials: a light, reasonably large backpack with a water bottle, paper tissues, energy bars, bananas (potassium is essential), hand cream, a comb, lip balm with solar protection, moisturising cream with sunscreen, a light cotton towel (quick-dry), and a first aid kit. Suitable clothes to be worn in layers: a t-shirt and longsleeved sweatshirt, a waterproof jacket with hood, waterproof trousers to wear over jeans or tracksuit bottoms, a hat, gloves, warm socks, and well-used waterproof boots. Warm and discreet pyjamas to sleep in hostel dormitories. A torch and walking sticks. We hope you find the joy and energy to move mountains! In the words of Pope Francis, “Our life is a path, when we stop, we don’t move forward”.

“Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking.”

Antonio Machado, Spanish poet (1875-1939)

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