Portuguese guitar reinvented

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Good: Portuguese guitar

Better: reinvented

It is in the sounds of the Portuguese guitar that much of fado’s uniqueness lies. Very much a national icon, over the years, this instrument has been a very static and classic object, meaning it’s time to re-invent it. Malabar, along with Maus Hábitos, have launched the project “Tudo Isto É…” (All of this is…) challenging Álvaro Siza Vieira, Joana Vasconcelos, Manuel João Vieira and Nini Andrade Silva, and various other artists, to lend a personal twist to the Portuguese guitar, including changing its shape. The results are surprising: there is a tile/guitar, a tattoo/guitar and even a knapsack/guitar. Need any more proof that fado has a lot more to give?

by Igor Garcia Pires


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