Palácio Belmonte, Lisboa

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In the historical heart of the city, we find a stunningly beautiful place.

Palácio Belmonte, the stately palace on a hill, between the Castelo and Alfama neighborhoods of Lisbon, is a sight to behold. Within its impressive walls sits an impressive courtyard, 11 suites and new restaurant, Grenache, which offers French-inspired fare using Portuguese-grown, farm-to-table ingredients. The suites have been reconfigured a bit, yet the charm of what makes this palace so very special remains.

Walking through the front door, guests are typically welcomed by the front desk manager – and all the staff greet you with smiles. Check-in is quick and seamless. Within ten minutes you’ll be tucked away in your suite, likely with gorgeous views past citrus trees and over the city. Throughout your stay here you’ll find that Palácio Belmonte is your home from home and a respite after a day of exploring. Breakfast is served in your room at a time that makes sense for you, the honor bar in the sitting room opens in the evening for guests to enjoy. It’s all very quiet, natural and you never feel intruded on.

While staying at the hotel, it would be a mistake not to dine at Grenache. Chef Philippe Gelfi takes you on a journey through the flavors of Portugal but with layers of French sensibility. Portugal offers some of the richest culinary treasures between land to sea, and chef and his team offer you an experience where you can taste the best of what the country has to offer.

Without a doubt, missing a stay at Palácio Belmonte would be like missing the pink light that Lisbon is so famous for. It’s an icon in one of the world’s best cities.

Pátio de D. Fradique, 14, Lisboa \\\ \\\ From €1300


by Anthony Berklich


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