Size does matter

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Portugal’s true size can be found in its inner dimensions, generosity and belief in the future.

Not too many years ago, we would have been talking about that small country next to Spain. And we would have been mad, grumbling about ignorance and humiliation. The thing is, this little country finally realized that size was really one of its most differentiating features!

This country, where you find trilobites on top of mountains and volcanic tides while diving in the Azorean waters, boasts 92,212 square kilometres that combine traditions brought back from the times of the Discoveries, the colonial age, emigration and the millennial brain drain… with a history that goes back to the Phoenicians.

We’re a mix. A mix of people, of geomorphology and temperatures… a melting pot on a postage stamp of land, that felt crushed between the Atlantic and the Spanish, essentially divided: should I stay or should I go?

It made us great inventors, fearless writers, remarkable poets. It made us bolder, funnier, more tragic , self-pitying characters that learned to recount their stories through bluesy Fado.

The Portuguese are peculiar in the way we deal with feelings. Did it develop from our immensity? Well… that too, in another era. However, we have shrunk back to our natural size, and did so in a multi-faceted fashion, able to reinvent ourselves, making ourselves an example to follow, and delighted to share it.

We’re that small: please, come inside, please mind the step, I wasn’t really expecting you but here’s (immediately) something to eat, let’s have a glass to celebrate the moment, I really don’t know how to deal with you but I’ll figure out in a minute, just let me call the neighbours and we’ll talk about it by the fireplace, tonight. Do you have a place to sleep? Why don’t you stay over, I’ll call a friend to see if he can help in the morning, we’ll figure something out.

We’re that small: we believe in the future with mystical hope; we take our time to act but when we do, make way; we always know who to call; another great place to see; something else you have to experience before you leave, especially when it comes to food. Or such different spots to visit, that you’ll just have to come back. Please come back: we love having you over (we grumble when you’re here, we adore the fact you adore us and will miss you like crazy when you leave!).

Please, come inside. See how amazing our magic little corner is.

See? Size does matter!


by Margarida Pinto Correia


Margarida Pinto Correia

Director of Social Innovation for the EDP Foundation, she has also had a long career as a journalist since 1986. She wrote for Se7e, headed Cosmopolitan and hosted programmes on Rádio Comercial, TSF, RTP and SIC. Every week she presents “Encontros Imediatos” with João Gobern on the Antena 1 radio station.

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