November with new wine

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Good: November

Better: with new wine

“No man pours new wine into old wineskins,” says the Bible, it should be put into new ones. Proverbs notwithstanding, it should be drunk directly from the barrel, which is true at this time of year, on 11th November, on Saint Martin’s Day, the time of Magustos (a celebration with roasted chestnuts, and a distant echo of thanksgiving for the year’s harvests). Or, you can always wait for it to be bottled and taste it in a regular fashion. The Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho has reported a 10% increase in Portuguese wine production compared to 2018, with 6.7 million hectolitres being obtained from the mainland and islands (Madeira and Azores). Local wineproducing bodies have announced, “fresher and more expressive vinho verdes” in Minho; “better quality” in the Alentejo; “very healthy grapes” in the Douro and better wines. Start checking them out at your nearest Magusto, by tasting the new vintage. Cheers!

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by João Macdonald


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