Lisbon with trams

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Good: Lisbon

Better: with trams

In addition to being close to the sea, its bridge, friendliness and hills, another thing that Lisbon has in common with San Francisco is the tram, a charming and sustainable form of transport. The company that owns them, Carris, started in Rio de Janeiro in 1872, “the result of the brothers Luciano and Francisco Cordeiro de Sousa’s desire to found Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, a company that aimed to set up an American-style transport system in the Portuguese capital – carriages pulled by animals on rails”, Nysse Arruda wrote in the book A Beleza de Lisboa – Eléctrico 28 (Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda/ Carris, 2010), a journey back in history. Many years, kilometres and trips later, the trams are still the city’s trademark, and the number 28, which covers the seven kilometres between Prazeres and Graça, is the most iconic. The Carris Museum, in Alcântara, is the right place to discover the past, present and future of this curious story.


by Paula de Oliveira Ribeiro


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