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It is said that the content is more important than what’s on the outside, but in this case the packaging makes all the difference. And why? Because José Gourmet, a company that’s three years young, decided to give a new look to the most traditional and best produce Portugal has to offer in gastronomic terms.

In addition to olive oils, vinegars, wines, liqueurs, brandies and jams, there is lots of tasty tinned food (currently very trendy), such as mackerel, trout fillet in escabeche sauce or sardine roe in olive oil. Designed by Luís Mendonça, the packaging boasts another innovation: bilingual recipes (both gourmet and for kids) from prestigious chef Luís Baena. Follow the instructions and bon appetite!

José Gourmet

Voa Store
Rua Nova do Almada, 96, Lisboa
+ 351 21 342 7097

Ask Me Lisboa

Mercearia da Vila
Rua Visconde da Luz 12A, Cascais

Mercearia S. Bento
Rua das Flores, 298, Porto
+ 351 22 093 8880


Speaking of sardines, here’s another great example. Lisbonlovers, whose love of Lisbon is the basis for new ideas and products, has reinvented the visual concept of sardines for funky t-shirts.

In this case, flavour and tradition combine on an item of clothing where Lisbon is emblazoned for all to see. More than simple city merchandising, Lisbonlovers aims to make the iconography of the city more contemporary.

Sold all over the city and on the company site.

by Patrícia Brito

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