Hotels in Madeira

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Savoy Palace, Funchal

Comfort and leisure rub shoulders with the spirit of the ocean.

This is one of Funchal’s favourite new spots and another hotel in Madeira’s capital that enjoys the sea for its neighbour. The Savoy Palace boasts an ample foyer and 352 rooms, ten of which are presidential suites. Guests can enjoy British-style afternoon tea, to the sound of the piano or harp, with personalised infusions and authentic works of art created by the award-winning pastry chef. The spa takes inspiration from the Laurissilva Forest for a relaxing and invigorating experience. From land to space, the Galáxia offers a menu and decor that promises to make you see stars, all with cocktails like Rocket Man and Space Truck tht are really out of this world.

Avenida do Infante, 25 \\\ \\\ From €205


Les Suites at the Cliff Bay, Funchal

A magnificent headland and lots of art.

Outside the Avista restaurant, we’re virtually immersed in the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied by Mediterranean and Asian dishes. This feeling is aided by the 33 suites, which have lived in these two historical buildings since 2019. The Artistic suite, which is “the most romantic” and located on the top floor, offers a special bathtub behind the bed and a large image by the Porto photographer Henrique Seruca. His work extends to the remaining rooms, as well as a small library (“a way for guests to feel at home”).

Estrada Monumental, 145 \\\ les-suites-at-the-cliff-bay \\\ From €360


Caju, Funchal

An intimate and informal spot in the city centre.

Situated in the heart of one of Funchal’s oldest neighbourhoods, small and cosy is a good definition of Le Petit Hotel. It’s no coincidence that the building was once “a place with cottage industries”, producing wares such as hats and biscuits. It also had Madeira’s first grocer’s, a specialist in nuts, called Caju (the Portuguese word for cashew). The name has given new life to the 24 rooms decorated by local artist, Nini Andrade Silva. The Attic Rooms, on the fourth floor, overlook the mountains, sea and roofs of the island capital’s historic centre, while the first floor is home to the Prima Cajú restaurant. “Informal, homely and welcoming”, it offers a variety of regional ingredients for tasty and healthy dishes.

Rua da Carreira, 112 \\\ \\\ From €58


Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa, Calheta

Exotic, historic and traditional with sea view.

Sugar cane is emblematic of Madeira and now there’s a theme hotel that focusses on its history (machines from the old factory that operated here adorn the rooms). In the Trapiche bar outside, which specialises in fish and has a vegan menu, sugar cane juice is served as a starter (at the Engenho restaurant, lunch uses ingredients bought at the nearby Mercado dos Prazeres). Savour other delights, such as a little R&R on the exclusive Premium Sundeck, which reproduces an exotic ambience, with Indonesian-style huts and a jacuzzi, not forgetting a small vineyard that symbolises Madeira wine. The water aerobics, yoga and Pilates workshops at the spa will also help you stay into shape.

Rua da Serra D’Agua, 1, Arco Da Calheta \\\ \\\ From €90


by Manuel Simões /// photos Marisa Cardoso


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