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Eliminate people! Eliminate barriers! Eliminate bacteria! Eliminate intruders!


Out of the way!!!

Android, iOs \\\ €2,29

The world seems overcrowded. We travel to see famous monuments and, when we stop at the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, when we want to take a photo, there are at least 20 other people with the same idea. But now we have Bye Bye Camera. You take the photograph; the application detects the presence of people and artificial intelligence eliminates them bloodlessly. It’s not perfect but it does solve a problem. It’s also useful for getting rid of family members in old snaps: ex-brothers-inlaw, ex-mothers-in-laws, ex-spouses.


Underwater \\\ €132

If you’ve done any diving, you must have imagined how good it would be to use a smartphone to take photographs, send and receive messages, all those things we do with them. Now we have Sea Touch 2. It allows you to use the touchscreen underwater, adjust the focus, change lenses. It works up to a depth of 80 metres, controlling pressure and allowing you to recharge without removing the protective cover, as if you’re were on dry land.


Pure \\\ €105

Everybody knows the importance of drinking water during the day. Even more so during summer, and particularly when doing exercise. And ideally water that’s clean and free of bacteria. But how can you be sure? Bottled water solves this problem, but statistics indicate that a million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute. The answer to the problem is in your hands. Larq is a bottle, the like you’ve never seen before. At the touch of a button, an ultraviolet light that eliminates 99.99% of germs in just 60 seconds. Every two hours it repeats the process.


Wall \\\ €311 (with lifetime subscription)

Most people take little care when they use the Internet. And some take none whatsoever. Even more so when they have little kids or teenagers, who surf the most dangerous sites without a worry, exposing themselves to the most dangerous attacks. It’s possible to keep an eye on them, but it’s an endless task. Or you use Syfer, a powerful VPN that protects devices connected to your network. All data is encrypted, and content analysed in real time by its AI, using a system so robust that it can’t be hacked, not even by the most skilled adolescent.


by Zeca Rodrigues


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