Gadgets – October’19

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Easy-to-care-for fish, plants that talk, painless stains and pure showers.

A plant, just for you \\\ €99

The idea could be interesting. A smart vase that turns your plant into a pet. Weird? Absolutely. It’s called Lua and tells everything you need to know: when to water it, when to put it in the sun. It’s for a specific plant, in specific circumstances. Just look at the pot and you know what you need to do. All very simple. The app generates a QR code with the plant’s characteristics and gives you guidance from then on.


Like a fish in water \\\ €180

Many people like pets, be they dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, or snakes. However, fish are also a good bet. They don’t bark, they don’t have to be walked, they don’t mess up the house, and they don’t leave hair all over the sofa. On top of that, we now have Bluenero, an aquarium that’s beyond intelligent, for both freshwater or saltwater fish. You can control everything remotely on your smartphone: feed the little blighters, control the temperature, or watch them swim through a high-definition camera.


Filtered water \\\ €90

We grow up believing that all we need for a good bath is to turn on the tap and use soap. Not true. What about water quality? Minerals and chemicals? Are the pH levels good for the whole family? All of this has an effect on skin, hair, allergies. Vand might be helpful. Turn the tap on and you get the best-quality water thanks to filters that eliminate pollutants, organic matter, chemicals and microplastics.


Stain remover \\\ €89

Stains happen when you least expect them and always at the most awkward times. On your way to an appointment, a special dinner, a very important meeting. You drop your coffee, spill a little ketchup or lipstick goes astray. Take it easy! All is not lost. Take ViTUN 2.0 out of your pocket and problem solved in a matter of minutes. It’s an ultrasonic pen. Apply a few drops of detergent and the stain disappears in a jiffy.


by Zeca Rodrigues


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