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Everything has become intelligent: sleeping, breathing, reading, even bath towels.


Sound asleep \\\ €90

Do you think sleep is straightforward? Well, you’re very much mistaken. Even when you’re asleep, your body is active, which is why Respio monitors your vital signs. It’s a sensor strip that fits over your mattress and connects to a smartphone, which gives you a complete morning report. It keeps tabs on your breathing, movements and environmental data: light, temperature, humidity. It also offers advice on how to sleep better and records snoring. It doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep but your insomnia will be well-informed.


Library \\\ €62 assinatura anual

Nowadays, reading seems to be a pleasure we seem to have little time for. Of course, we now have e-readers, tablets and smartphones to read on, but this is only part of the process. What should we read? That’s the next step. The 12min app offers book summaries to read or listen to in 12 minutes, with subjects that range from sport to business, psychology and science. When you sign up, you receive 30 microbooks a month, and if you don’t like what you get, they prepare something tailor-made. You also don’t have to be on-line to read.


Fresh air \\\ €150

Everyone has heard of fresh air, but it’s a bit like flying saucers. People have heard about them; they think they exist, but nobody has ever seen one. Now you can finally experience the real thing. Urbie Air is a dehumidifier, air purifier and a vase that provides water for plants, cleaning the air in three different ways, reducing excess humidity, filtering organic compounds and increasing oxygen production. You don’t even have to worry about watering your plant: it reduces the room’s humidity by turning it into water. And, of course, you can control everything on your smartphone.


Smart towel \\\ €45

With so many dumb people on the planet, now it’s the objects that are smart. Smartphone, smart cars, smartTV. And now there’s a smart towel called Mizu with strips of special fabric that change from blue to red when it needs to be washed. It’s made with very soft silver fibres that eliminate 99% of bacteria, can absorb water up to five times its weight and dry three times quicker than normal towels. Are you ready to use a towel that’s smarter than you?


by Zeca Rodrigues


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