Gadgets – January’20

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Record your own album, purify your air, preserve your wine, and get yourself organised.

The new old \\\ €1999

Anyone who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s used to make mixtapes for parties, car journeys, romantic evenings… And they spent hours choosing the songs. The same idea is back, but this time round it’s more sophisticated. Phonocut does pretty much the same thing but instead of tape, it records on vinyl! Just like the old days.


Waste \\\ €169,50

The manufacturer estimates that around 50 million litres of wine are poured down the drain each year in the UK alone. Only the environmental crisis is worse! This is because people leave bottles open and the contents go sour. Eto is a decanter that creates a vacuum, leaving the wine perfectly drinkable for weeks.


Smells \\\ €110

Smells are varied and a part of everyday life. VentiFresh is a totally new experience. It doesn’t mask bad smells: it destroys them. Using a low-noise, dustresistant fan, molecules in the air are compressed. A UV light processes and cleans the air, eliminating odour compounds instead of filtering them. VentiFresh needs no replacements or recharging


Travelling \\\ €233

Travelling is great. Packing’s not so great. Where to put everything? SkyTrek is a suitcase that’s like a wardrobe, which means it’s great for coats and suits, with divisions so you don’t mix things up. It has a battery for charging devices that automatically switches off and on before and after the flight, a GPS in case you get lost, as well as scales and an alarm. And you can lock everything with a fingerprint.


by Zeca Rodrigues


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