Gadgets – December’19

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Eat the right stuff. Watch the world. Dispose of arms. And be a MacGyver.

Peace time \\\ €245

In a world where many leaders want to make it easier to buy and possess arms, many think differently, such as Humanium Metal, which has teamed up with IM, a Swedish NGO, to set up an illegal arms destruction programme where the resulting metal is used to make items like the Humanium Metal Watch, by Triwa.



Android, iOS \\\ free

It’s a pretty simple idea. The app is called Is it Kosher? and it tells you if food items abide by Jewish dietary laws, based on over 40 sources and databases. It works anywhere in the world, even if you don’t understand the language, be it in New York, Berlin, Paris, Beijing or Moscow, even if it doesn’t say on the label.


Swiss army knife 2.0 \\\ €130

The main idea of the Swiss army knife is having a basic toolbox. Now there’s Life Saber, a toy worthy of even MacGyver. It’s a torch, strobe light, emergency siren, water purifier, fire starter, battery and a type of dynamo to recharge your smartphone. The epitome of “very handy”.



Android, iOS \\\ free

Like most of Humanity, we’re worried about the climate crisis, despite some people saying it’s all a hoax. NASA’s Earth-Now app is a joint project by Bill Gates, Airbus and Softbank, who have invested in a constellation of satellites that show the Earth in real time, providing information, such as temperature, CO2, sea and ozone levels.


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