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Get lost in Portugal, cook in an oven at 900 degrees, fly with selfies and send pain to the electric chair!


Flying selfie \\\ €70

If you’re also part of the scary craze for selfies, here’s something for you. It’s called Air Pix, and it’s a small drone with a 12 MP camera that foregoes the “need” for a selfie stick, once and for all. It connects to your smartphone and does everything you heart desires, immediately posting it on social networks, which is usually the only reason for taking a selfie. Smaller than a smartphone, it weighs just 52 grams, has facial recognition and range of up to 30 metres. You’ll never have fun again without anyone knowing about it.


Homemade pizza \\\ €710

It’s not a new delivery service. Although home-delivered pizza is obviously one of humanity’s greatest discoveries and much much more interesting than the Theory of Relativity, which no one really understands. Back to pizza. Between ordering and arrival, it takes about 20 or 30 minutes. Now there is another option. SPIN-O is a cast steel furnace with a revolving granite base and three gas jets that create temperatures of up to 900 C, much higher than any domestic oven. In 90 seconds, you get a pro-level pizza.


Wild Guide Portugal

iOs, Android \\\ €4,49

This isn’t an app to get your bearings, rather something to help you get lost. Wild Guide Portugal offers over 800 adventures in secret places and fantastic tourist-free escapes. Beaches off- the beaten track, unknown forests, sea caves, lost ruins and rarely visited monuments, not forgetting traditional restaurants, local festivities and rustic places to stay. It includes preloaded images, search functions, filters, “near me” and favourites, allowing you to view locations on a map and request routes. And it’s bilingual, in Portuguese and in English.


Pain \\\ €75

t’s a word with negative connotations. Just reading it brings back memories. Pain in different parts of your body. Pain for all preferences. But now there’s help that just might be worth our attention. Kailo uses artificial intelligence, which interacts with the body’s “electrical system”. Each Kailo contains billions of nanocapacitors that function as biological antenna, helping the body communicate clearly and reduce the signals that cause pain. Once pain and discomfort are under control, your body can return to the life you should be living. It wouldn’t hurt to try


by Zeca Rodrigues


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