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TAP’s Business Class now has new breakfast options – and, for the first time ever, these were created by two cabin crew members with impeccable culinary taste.

Returning home or arriving somewhere new has never tasted so great. We have always been told that “breakfast was the most important meal of the day”. Although often not eaten aboard a plane, why shouldn’t it be a delicious family experience, rich in Portuguese culture? It was this that Deolinda Gama and Inês Afonso, TAP cabin crew members – who are also chefs – decided to create, devising a new product now being served on morning Business Class flights.

The two met in Bangkok at the beginning of 2019, to “eat and talk”. They were winding up gourmet trips – Deolinda in Japan and Inês in Thailand. TAP was already in the process of revamping these meals and asked Deolinda to get involved during a tasting open to cabin crew at Cateringpor, the company that makes the airline’s meals. Confronted with the question “Can you do better?”, she immediately took up the challenge and got Inês on board. With their in-depth knowledge of TAP, its customers and gastronomy, it proved a perfect combination. They realised that this would be an opportunity to make customers’ experience even better and combine two of their passions: flying and cooking. They proposed a new breakfast concept that meant them studying, devising recipes and working closely with Inflight Product and Cateringpor on everything, from choosing the ingredients to presentation.

The result? Four new breakfast cycles served to passengers on medium-haul Business Class flights that focus on flavour and appearance. There are quiches, pancakes, cakes and other options that make TAP flights even more appealing, whether returning home or en route to another destination. The result is there to be enjoyed, and everyone is invited.


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