Frog Jug / Sanjo footwear

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Frog jug

A man of all trades. This is how we always remember one of the most celebrated of Portuguese artists: Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. Born in 1815, was a skilled caricaturist, illustrator, ceramicist, cartoonist, editor, decorator and figurinist. Such was his ability in all these areas that his work was widely recognised when he was alive and has been popular with various generations until now. The frog jugs, pictured here, are proof of this. Decorated with the amphibians so used by the artist, these decorative objects boast delightful irreverence and BBordalo Pinheiro’s unique use of colour and imagination.
Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro
Rua Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 53, Caldas da Rainha
+351 262 880 568
€36.40 – €149,70



Sanjo is an excellent example of what is good can be improved. First made in 1940s, this brand of footwear was a benchmark in 20th-century Portuguese fashion and has been reinvented with new styles and colours, as can be seen in these Sanjo K100 boots, which are the brand’s most iconic product. Wth ankle guards, millions of feet and various generations have worn them, and, despite the original model being maintained, there is now a wide range of colours available, from blue to pink, as well as violet, light green and yellow. Obviously, such talent and style couldn’t be restricted to Portugal. Lately, Sanjo has invested in the international market, mainly in European countries, sch as France, Belgium and Germany.

by Igor Garcia Pires


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