Flora Vase, Abril Ceramics / Grow Bottle, Life in a Bag

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Flora Vase, Abril Ceramics

After a long career in event production and travel to over 35 countries, Carmo Stichini returned home and founded Abril, a brand dedicated to “happy” ceramics. She combines the familiarity of everyday objects with the fascination for an unusual world where characters, animals and plants come together to “cheer those who see them”. All the pieces are unique and 100% handmade. After the launch, Flora vases quickly became brand icons, offering flowery landscapes where we can discover new stories, or encouragement for a new adventure.

abril.online \\\ €85


Grow Bottle, Life in a Bag

A glass, a bulb, pebbles and water… everything you need to welcome spring and enjoy beautiful yellow, red or white flowers blooming in just five weeks. This is the perfect kit for any novice gardener or the most demanding floriculturist. Set up by Alexandra Silva and Pedro Veloso in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Life in a Bag aims to inspire indoor gardening, while marrying design to sustainability.

lifeinabag.pt \\ €18


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