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It’s called Taylor’s Port and it’s the company’s first shop and tasting room in Lisbon.

The location couldn’t be better. Taylor’s first shop in Lisbon is situated in the historic Alfama neighbourhood, opposite the Cruise Terminal, with ambitions to become a showcase for port in the city. The space is split between a shop on the lower floor and three tasting rooms upstairs, decorated with images of the Douro region. Visitors can enjoy wines from five euros and upwards, which include some of Taylor’s most iconic creations, such as the Vintage 1994 or Quinta de Vargellas Vintage 2015. In addition to such gems, there are four Port Experiences to choose from, which are designed for different types of tasters: beginners, the knowledgeable and specialists, depending on individual taste, what you want to learn and budget (prices range between €40 and €90).

There are also snacks: bread with Quinta de Vargellas olive oil, cheeses, charcuterie and toasted almonds from the Douro. Sweets include dark chocolate truffles and the ever-wonderful pastel de nata (traditional custard tart). The shop wines go from the simplest to the most complex, some rare, and there’s also olive oil, merchandising, candles, ceramics, wine funnels and decanters on sale.

Founded in 1692, Taylor’s is one of the country’s first and most historic port companies. It is well-known for its vintages, which are among the most recognised, sought after and collectible classic wines, from the abovementioned and emblematic Quinta de Vargellas to the Quinta da Terra Feita and Quinta do Junco. The company is also famous for its pioneering spirit, having created LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) and the first dry white port (Taylor’s Chip Dry). Taylor’s is still one of the most important producers of old tawnies and has one of the most extensive reserves of cask-aged ports.

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by Maria João de Almeida


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