Classic striped plate /// Rider sunglasses

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Classic striped plate \\\ €60

Casa Cubista, whose name comes from the unusual whitewashed and tiled cubist style of buildings found in the alleys and streets of Olhão’s old town, is a fantastic project by two Canadian friends who, during a sabbatical year, fell in love with Portugal when they were introduced to the artisans who made tiles, challenging them to produce patterns in contemporary colours. David Pimentel and Arren Williams scoured the country looking for artisans and makers to create ceramics, baskets, tiles, rugs and fabrics, highlighting the natural raw materials. Casa Cubista’s pieces, like this plate (diameter: 40 centimetres), are “perfectly imperfect crockery” and available in over 30 shops around the world. Their motto – “It has to fun, exciting, creative and special” – is the brand’s trademark.


Rider sunglasses

Rua da Misericórdia, 90, Lisboa \\\ \\\ €158

This is also the story of two friends. Miguel Barral had just finished an economics degree and João Veiga a course in hotel management when they discovered a treasure trove: a box with an incredible collection of vintage sunglasses from the 1980s. After many trips and selling hundreds of glasses, they decided to fill a gap in a country with 3,600 hours of sun a year and created FORA. With acetate from Italy, the glasses – like these Rider – are handmade in Northern Portugal and can be bought at one of the two shops in Lisbon or online. Boasting classic methods and contemporary design (some models have been developed in partnership with Portuguese designers, like the ones Luís Carvalho presented at the last ModaLisboa), FORA glasses offer fair prices, timeless style and are made to last a lifetime.


by Paula Ribeiro


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