Brasília Palace Hotel, Brasilia

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In the 1950s and 60s, the Brasília Palace was the meeting point for international celebrities. Why not be the hotel’s next visitor and discover how the charm of this golden era lives on?



The Brasília Palace Hotel is more than just somewhere cosy to relax; it is an icon of Brazilian history and culture. Opened on 30th June 1958, two years before the inauguration of the city of Brasilia itself, the hotel building was designed by Óscar Niemeyer and in the 50s and 60s it opened its doors, always with plenty of pomp and circumstance, to famous people such as Che Guevara, André Malraux, Queen Elizabeth II and Jean-Paul Sartre. That’s why so many political decisions have been made and cultural events held in the Brasília Palace corridors, bars and parties. Did you know, for instance, that the famous song “Água de Beber”, by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, was played for the first time in the hotel bar? Sadly, though, on 5th August 1978, a fire destroyed much of the building and the hotel was closed down.

Yet the fond memories never faded and in September 2006 it rose from the ashes, once again fashioned by the genius Niemeyer and continuing its former excellence in the art of welcoming. What better than a quick guided tour to show you? Let’s start with the rooms. The Brasília Palace has 156 apartments and suites, equipped with cable television, air conditioning, individual safes and Internet. Some rooms have also been adapted for visitors with special needs.

When your stomach starts to rumble, all you have to do is go down to the ground floor where you can sample the appetising menu at Oscar’s Restaurant. Built in honour of Oscar Niemeyer, it specialises in Italian cuisine and you can calmly enjoy a meal to the sound of live music in classic surroundings with a strong 1960s feel.

To make the most of Brasilia’s sunshine, why not go for a pleasant stroll in the hotel garden? And don’t forget your swimsuit: there’s a magnificent, oval-shaped pool with a beautiful view over Paranoá Lake.

The Brasília Palace also offers four auditoria for congresses, conventions, weddings, engagement and cocktail parties and banquets, while the Business Center is designed for making small business deals. When you add all this to an easily accessible, privileged location, close to Brasilia’s International airport and 7 km from the city centre, the hotel is a must for anyone who wants to get to know the capital of Brazil a little better and be truly spoilt in the process.


by Igor Garcia Pires


Brasília Palace Hotel
Setor de Hotéis e Turismo Norte, Trecho 01, Lt 01, Brasília
+55 61 3306 9100

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