Boston suitcase

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Home to the New England Patriots, the Celtics and the Red Sox, the type of game is unimportant, whether American football, basketball or baseball, in Massachusetts the ball is king.

photography Pedro Pacheco assisted by Hugo

production Paulo Gomes assisted by Matilde Sampaio & Ana Lomba

hair Antónia Rosa assisted by Frederico Simão

hair Helena Vaz Pereira, Griffe Hairstyle

model Maria K, We Are Models



UP would like to say a special thank you to the American football players in Portugal who took part in this session - Bernardo Solipa, Willian La Prado, David Martins and Luis Teixeira -, the Associação Portuguesa de Futebol Americano and the following teams: the Algarve Sharks, Cascais Crusaders, Lisboa Devils and Porto Mutts. We would also like to thank the president of the Devils, Ricardo Rodrigues, and Jéssica Rocha for all their help.

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