Alagoas necessaire

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Even in paradise, your body needs protection and continuous hydration. Satiate your skin.


/// For HER ///


Re-boost Comforting Hydrating Cream, My Clarins

Comparable to a glass of morning fruit juice that nourishes and stimulates skin’s moisture and energy. A creamy texture and real protection that offers comfort and well-being from morning to night, soothing while reducing redness and tightness.


Re-charge Sleeping Mask, My Clarins

A veritable cocktail of fruits and plants for healthy skin. A relaxing and moisturizing “tisane” before bed. Creamy and slightly scented, it restores moisture and soothes skin, eliminating pollutants and toxins that have built up throughout the day, recharging skin’s batteries while providing deep moisturising. Recommended for all skin types.


Lait Corps Hydratant Velours, Clarins

A moisturising body milk with a light and creamy texture that is easily absorbed, offering comfort, elasticity and softness. Boasting a subtle scent of neroli and orange blossom oil, the super soft formula leaves skin smooth and silky. Recommended for all skin types, use morning and night.


/// For HIM ///

Aquapower Biotherm, Homme

Deeply hydrating for skin, while toning and offering a feeling of freshness and softness throughout the day. The gel formula keeps skin balanced, revitalised and comfortable. Light and refreshing, it’s ideal after a day in the sea or sun. Contains pure thermal plankton, oligoelements, vitamins, and moisturising agents.


L’Homme Idéal, Guerlain

The ideal man is a myth, his fragrance a reality. The ideal fragrance? One that combines almonds with seductive, warm vanilla and mysterious leather chords. An oriental woody fragrance with ingredients and chords that boost the power of seduction. All in a masculine, luxurious and distinguished bottle.


by Helena Barradas


Tropic of Capricorn

Mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures are close to zero, days are short, and the sun hides behind the clouds. However, in more tropical parts of the globe it’s above 30 degrees. A sudden switch to summer can be dangerous, with our biological clock unprepared for such changes. Follow a few simple rules and everything will be hunky dory. Take fresh, light, comfortable cotton or linen clothes in pale colours. Lots of bikinis and sarongs, comfortable sandals, a straw hat and sunglasses. Essential items: sunscreens and moisturisers. Apply to the face and body various times a day (normally factor 30 is enough). A water bottle is a must, not only for drinking, but also for removing salt, sand and dust from the skin. After the beach, take a long shower followed by body moisturiser to soothe skin and maintain your tan. Before bed, use a moisturising and relaxing mask. Don’t expect the perfect colour after the first few hours in the sun. Wellprotected and moisturised skin will tan without burning, which is one of the causes of premature ageing. Enjoy an unforgettable and healthy stay!

Water is quiet, water is mad, Here it is cold, there it is warm, Water is female. Swim, swimmer!”

“The swimmer’s poem”, Jorge de Lima (União dos Palmares, Alagoas, 1893 - Rio de Janeiro, 1953)

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