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At Caminhos Cruzados, in the Dão region, architecture lends wine a superior tone.

The adventure of Cruzados began in 2012, when Paulo Coelho dos Santos, a textile entrepreneur, decided to leave Porto and return to his roots in Nelas, in the Dão region, to open a wine company. Hailing from a family of small producers, Paulo already had two or three hectares of vineyard, but began producing and bottling wine in a more professional way to offer to friends and customers. However, what started out as a bit of fun, soon became more serious. He rented more hectares at Quinta da Teixuga and began vinifying at a rented winery. Later, aware of its potential and quality, he bought part of that estate, adding various hectares from other properties. Today, he has 32 hectares, where a number of Portuguese red and white grapes are planted, as well as a few foreign varieties.

The business soon began to grow, and the Titular range expanded. Teixuga is the top wine of the range developed by reputed winemakers, Manuel Vieira and Carlos Magalhães (consultants) and Carla Rodrigues (resident). The production team started asking for space, which is why Paulo thought of building his own winery. In addition to this, the team expanded when his daughter, Lígia, joined the team, giving up a promising career in law to focus on the commercial area of the family project, and who is now CEO of Caminhos Cruzados.

Designed by the architect Nuno Pinto Cardoso and opened at the end of 2017, the new winery is impressive, particularly because of its x-shape, set in the middle of the vineyard, on slopes that accentuate the crossed lines. The winery is environmentally friendly and sustainable, in terms of energy. Inside, the décor is predominantly concrete and warm wooden tones, where visitors can enjoy wine tourism programmes that include visits to the winery and vineyard (with various tastings), wine lunches, creating wine blends (with the help of the winemaker), game of aromas, picnics and paper chase in the vineyard. There are also workshops and conferences.

Rua de Carvalhal, 50, Algerás, Nelas \\\ caminhoscruzados.net


by Maria João de Almeida


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