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Three musical highlight’s from Up’s April issue.


Olívia Hime – “Canção da Noiva”

Brasil 07

Rio singer, lyricist and producer, has had a peculiar career, musically speaking. With her husband, Francis Hime, as her right-hand man, she began performing and writing in 1981. Her second album, Segredo do Meu Coração, released the following year, was an important part of her discography. Recently re-released, it includes “Canção da Noiva”, written by Dorival Caymmi, which can be heard on Canal Brasil, dedicated to the record company Biscoito Fino, which Olívia is co-founder and artistic director. In 1985, Olívia paid homage to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (A Música em Pessoa).


Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”

Pop 06

The end of 2011 was marked by the arrival of one of the most popular artists of today. Out of the blue, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, as she was previously known, came up with one of the biggest pop hits of all time, “Video Games”, which can be heard on the Pop Channel. The song swept the globe, with millions of hits on the net and magazine covers galore. Her performance on Saturday Night Live will be forever remembered. Loved by some, hated by others, Lana del Rey’s long-awaited album Born to Die, was recently released onto an eager market.



Expensive Soul – “O Amor é Mágico”

Kids 09

The duo from Leça da Palmeira, made up of producer New Max and the MC Demo, leaves no one indifferent. Backed live by the Jaguar Band, they create a eclectic mix of hip-hop, soul and funk that can be heard on the band’s latest album Utopia, which boasts the first single “O Amor é Mágico” and features on the Kids Channel. On the 28th of this month, they will perform the Expensive Soul Symphonic Experience with conductor Rui Massena, as part of the Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture commemorations.


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