24 Hours in Porto – Miguel Flor

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Miguel Flor and the best contemporary spots in Portugal’s northern capital.

Fashion designer Miguel Flor worked in Paris, founded his same-name brand in Portugal and was creative director at Bloom, Portugal Fashion’s new designer platform. He’s currently director of the fashion magazine Prinçipal, where he also publishes his photographs. He’s involved in curatorial and exhibition design projects and is head of Moda Lisboa’s Sangue Novo fashion competition jury



Matéria Prima

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 127 \\\ materiaprima.pt

According to Miguel, this place is “a real find when it comes to records”, with a focus on electronic music and various niche genres. “The music goes beyond the shop itself, as the owner, Paulo Vinhas, is a real musical curator, overseeing different events in the city”.


Parque da Cidade


A “lovely park that’s an integral part of the city, with a landscape that lends itself to enjoying the great outdoors, rest and relaxation, sports, socialising and parties”. The “varied flora and fauna surrounding three lakes” and the “close connection with the beach and sea” are particular highlights.


La Paz

Rua da Reboleira, 23 \\\ lapaz.pt

“The best Portuguese menswear brand and probably the most international”. It re-interprets classics with “a contemporary and authentic twist inspired by our sea”. The shop is housed in an old chemist’s and “is a fantastic surprise, with a view over the Douro”.


Galeria Nuno Centeno

Rua da Alegria, 598 \\\ fb.com/galerianunocenteno

Located in the old Cooperativa dos Pedreiros warehouses, the gallery “maintains its industrial character”. The Artist Gallery Book room recently hosted the photographic series Boys Appetite, by Miguel Flor himself. Some of the “city’s best openings” happen here, in tandem with Pedro Centeno’s musical curatorship


Bar Passos Manuel

Rua de Passos Manuel, 137 \\\ fb.com/passosmanuelporto

Miguel feels right at home at this bar/club, which makes it “the most special in town”. “Good friends always show up, which creates a very intimate atmosphere.” Patrons enjoy Portuguese and international EDM (Electronic Dance Music), fantastic techno nights and cultural events against a backdrop that looks like a scene from a Kubrick or Lynch film”.


by Augusto Freitas de Sousa



1 /// Miss’Opo

Rua dos Caldeireiros, 100 \\\ fb.com/MO.missopo

Miguel knows everyone here: the owners, the cooks, the staff, even the architect. “Every dinner with friends ends up feeling like a party.” The menu changes daily and “the salad is as lovely as the customers”. On Thursdays, the DJ Sobre'mesa programme invites a guest to spin a few records.


2 /// Café Vitória

Rua José Falcão, 156 \\\ cafevitoria.com

“Impeccably decorated, with fine Porto architecture”. “Cosy, much more than a café, great for something more intimate or meeting friends, with informal lunches or dinners”.

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