24 Hours in Lisbon – Vítor Belanciano

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Vítor Belanciano takes us on a rather unexpected tour of Greater Lisbon.

This anthropology graduate is a journalist, cultural critic, columnist, sometimes a teacher, and other times a DJ. A product of the Lisbon suburbs, he lives in the city centre, working for the Público newspaper for many years. He’s sure he’s only here because he’s “in other places”, and because “culture’s in everything, mixing matters, spanning languages” and translating, “complex realities in a simple way, instead of creating division”.



Feira do Relógio

Avenida do Santo Condestável, Lisboa \\\ domingos, 07h – 14h

“It’s worth immersing ourselves in an intercultural environment, with people of all origins, creeds and ages haggling over prices, and wandering around stalls selling clothing, knick-knacks and food, with various places to get a bite to eat”.


A Adega do Coelho

Avenida Dr. Brandão de Vasconcelos, 7, Colares

A good value restaurant in the Sintra region. In the winter, “it’s quiet and warm, with two small dining rooms”. In spring and summer “it has a magnificent outdoor area, where you want to linger after lunch. The grilled meat and fish is top-notch!”.



Vila Franca de Xira \\\ evoa.pt

A place for bird watching (flamingos included) that also offers “one of the country’s most incredible landscapes”. “It’s miles and miles, between the forest edge and the Tagus River estuary, in Texas-style wetlands, just 30 minutes by car from central Lisbon. Remember the film Paris, Texas [by Wim Wenders]? It’s the exactly the same.”


Museu Industrial da Baía do Tejo

Quimiparque, Rua 44, Barreiro

“A museum whose historical legacy focusses on one of the most important European industrial complexes in the mid-20th century”, located in Barreiro, on the south bank of the Tagus. But what’s really special is the surrounding landscape: renovated workers’ neighbourhoods, and the urban artist Vhils’s workplace, not to mention researcher José Pacheco’s library and archive.



Cais da Pedra, Armazém A, Lisboa \\\ luxfragil.com

Lisbon’s top dance club stages classical music with monthly concerts. 20th February offers the work of pioneering composer, Johanna Beyer (1888-1944), whose music has been mostly forgotten. It’s time to remember it with the Drumming Grupo de Percussão, who will perform the pieces she wrote for these instruments.


by Manuel Simões


Winter best for beaches!

1 /// Ribeira do Cavalo


“Getting to this beach involves a bit of a trek, but it’s deserted all year round. The sea is calm and the water crystal clear, boasting exotic hues.”


2 /// Magoito


“Flanked by huge cliffs, on days with looming clouds and choppy seas, it takes on a mysterious and dramatic mantle.”


3 /// Alpertuche


“It's very small, with lots of stones and clear waters, mainly for the occasional visitors who have houses there.”

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