24 Hours in Lisbon – Pedro Carvalho

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On his bike, almost always down by the Tagus waterfront, director of the magazine B – Cultura da Bicicleta – takes us on a healthy tour of the capital.

Pedro Carvalho was born in Lisbon half a century ago, and describes himself as a self-made man. For the last twenty years he has had a passion for the world of bicycles, however, beforehand he had swapped architecture for journalism and wrote for a car magazine, even entering four-wheeled races at the time. Everything changed when a friend brought him a mountain bike from the USA. His new perspective involved editing Bike Magazine (“which still exists”) and riding his bike all over the world. Pedro highlights a trip in the North America mountains, between the states of Colorado and Utah. On returning to the Portuguese capital, he launched B – Cultura da Bicicleta – a quarterly magazine about bicycle lovers. His message: “I’d like to see the city with fewer cars and more people walking and cycling”.


The waking city

“At the start of the day, I set off from Alcântara and have a morning jaunt until Avenida Duque D’Ávila. Next to the cycle lanes, I come across one of the many Padarias Portuguesas bakeries dotted throughout the city. I park my transport and sit at the outside tables for breakfast: a milky coffee (galão) and a cheese croissant.”

A Padaria Portuguesa
Av. Duque D’ Ávila, 24
+351 21 356 2284


Speedy encounters

“Velocité is a place where I know I’ll meet people who are bike enthusiasts. The cycle lane extends to the entrance of this place, which is a mix of café and bike shop. The spacious area allows workshops, talks and illustration ad photography exhibition to coexist in the same space. Ah! And they also serve brilliant toasties.”

Av. Duque D’ Ávila, 120 A
+351 21 354 5252





Noobai Café \\\ Miradouro do Adamastor, Santa Catarina \\\ +351 21 346 5014 \\\ www.noobaicafe.com

“In my opinion, Noobai, with its wonderful terrace, possesses the best view of the river and the city. The atmosphere is informal and attracts a wide range of people, which is one of its attractions. For lunch, I order the house tapas and Thai noodles with prawns, asparagus and lime sauce, with a nice glass of red wine.”




Art in Lisbon

“This is a small modern and contemporary art gallery which always has excellent exhibitions, mainly painting and drawings, which make me a regular visitor. The exhibition of Tomás Cunha Ferreira’s painting continues in April.”

Alecrim 50
Rua do Alecrim, 48 – 50
+351 21 346 5258




An ideal world

“In the early evening, there’s nothing like a trip to Lx Factory, a place with a positive vibe that I’ve known for some time. In the Ler Devagar bookshop, the ambience is equally laid-back among the thousands of books, where you can enjoy a drink or a coffee. Places are also people and, here, the owners love reading and make us especially welcome.”

Ler Devagar
Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103
+351 21 325 9992




Kitsch surprise

“This restaurant is brilliant. It’s best to book because it’s very small. With its informal atmosphere, kitsch tables and lack of menu, we’re surprised by the chef’s choices, who offers a mix of Portuguese cuisine with innovative fusions. For just ten euros, you can eat what you like (drinks extra).”

Aquele Lugar em Alcântara
Rua das Fontainhas, 38
+351 96 185 6878





“Cycling up Rua do Alecrim until Rua da Barroca is hard work but the slopes get easier with regular trips. I find people of my generation here, and, once again, it’s a place that is positive and friendly. The menu is sometimes embellished with live music, talks and exhibitions.”

Maria Caxuxa
Rua da Barroca, 6 – 12


On the tiles

“This is still “the” place after all these years. The concept, the music and the different spaces are unique. Curiously, the Lux doorman is a big cycling enthusiast. We are always given a warm welcome and we can relax because the bikes are well looked after. After a long night out, I still have the energy to pedal home.”

Lux Frágil
Av. Infante D. Henrique, Armazém A, Cais da Pedra a Santa Apolónia
+351 21 882 0890


by Manuel Simões


Five tips for cyclists

1 – Velo Culture

Geared towards the urban bike, this is a shop with real character.

Rua Santa Bárbara, 18B
+351 21 356 2326

2 – Binaclínica

An excellent repair workshop with good service and reasonable prices.

Calçada dos Cesteiros, 7, Santa Apolónia
+351 92 720 7738

3 – Bike Iberia

A great hire service for a day or longer.

Largo do Corpo Santo, 5
+351 96 963 0369

4 – Roda Gira

Dedicated to fixed-gear bicycles, it assembles and has a wide range of parts for urban bikes.

Rua da Misericórdia, 14, Espaço Chiado, Loja 32
+351 21 342 9215

5 – B – Cultura da Bicicleta

A magazine more focussed on people, a lifestyle and passion rather than on the bicycle itself.


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