24 Hours in Lisbon

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This Lisbon itinerary unveils the day-to-day routines of journalist Miguel Braga. This real and imaginary journey includes chocolate cakes, the battlements of São Jorge castle and some of the city’s most iconic gardens and parks. Being a multicultural city, there’s also the Mouraria quarter, as well as great charcuterie and Portuguese cheeses. All washed down with great wine.



Miguel Braga decided to study Law after watching the American TV series L.A. Law. He soon realised that the North American law that he fell for on the small screen had nothing to do with its Portuguese equivalent. In the second year of his course, he did an internship at the O Independente weekly, soon taking on journalism full-time, working on the Caderno 3 magazine and the society section. “The spirit at that paper was different, there’s nothing that compares.” He then went to work at TVI, another challenge, where he was a member of the Jornal Nacional team. His latest adventure is called Buenos Aires Filmes, which produces the programme Conversa dos Outros, which focuses on Lisbon neighbourhoods and the people who live and work in them. Every Sunday at 19h on RTP2.





The voice of experience

“I like Confeitaria Nacional for breakfast. The toast is even tastier when accompanied by an abatanado (lighter black coffee). And recently my son has discovered a round chocolate cake, which is called an indiano. The major advantage of 183 years experience is that, in this patisserie, everything is good.”


Confeitaria Nacional
Praça da Figueira, 18 B
+351 21 324 3000


Florid Lisbon

“En-route, I play a flying visit to Jardim da Estrela for a stroll to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Tree huggers can enjoy a veritable botany class because they are all labelled and there are some incredible species on show. Lisbon’s Botanical Garden is also lovely and has some great views. Belém’s Tropical Garden is another of my favourites. You can even enjoy a crafty picnic.”


Jardim da Estrela

Jardim Botânic0

Jardim Tropical de Belém


Down memory lane

“I help my lunch go down with a walk to São Jorge castle. In addition to the wonderful views, I like to imagine what it was like here during other eras of Portugal’s history. Even the peacocks are polite. I can’t spend a fortnight without returning”


Castelo de São Jorge
+351 21 880 0620



Tourist trails

“Now we’re off to Calçada da Graça, and the unique Bazar Drogaria, which boasts souvenirs for tourists and more. Inside, the cupboards, drawers, scales, pots and glass demijohns of the old shop combine perfectly with unexpected objects. There are trinkets, lamps, photographs, embroidery, aprons, chairs and the Hardcore Fofo range, which is the name I give to intervention tourism.”


Bazar Drogaria
Calçada da Graça 10 A/B
+351 93 480 4184


A view from the afternoon

“Next, we head up to Príncipe Real, via rua da Misericórdia, and stop off to gaze over the city at Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara. Dinner is at Pedro e o Lobo and we start with a margarita. As everything is good there, I rarely choose the same thing twice. I don’t like to brag but I’m a good cook but I can’t reproduce their dishes at home. Diogo Noronha and Nuno Bergonse do really interesting things with traditional Portuguese cuisine.”


Pedro e o Lobo
Rua do Salitre, 169
+351 21 193 3719



Truly Asia

“We make our way down to Martim Moniz. In rua do Benformoso, it’s like we’re in Bangladesh. The Viagens Galaxy Journey Travel and Tour de Rony Siddikur agency specialise in getting immigrants home. This street of Asian travel agents, mixed with shops smelling of spices, leads onto largo do Intendente, a place that used to be off limits but is now a very interesting area. If you like tiles, pay a visit to Fábrica Viúva Lamego, a Portuguese tile producer.”


Viúva Lamego
Largo do Intendente, 25
+351 21 885 2408


Five foodie places

1 - O melhor bolo de chocolate do mundo

I recommend the dark chocolate to offset the sweetness of the meringue.




2 - Pastelaria Versailles

A café frozen in time with excellent pastries.

Avenida da República, 15
+351 21 354 6340


3 - O Careca

The best place for croissants, the secret is in the dough and the sugar coating.

R Duarte P. Pereira, 11
+351 21 301 0987


4 - Nova Pombalina

The suckling pig sandwiches are one of its many attractions.

Rua do Comércio, 2-4
+351 21 887 4360


5 - Pão de Canela

It has a good brunch and is an excellent place for reading the day’s newspapers.


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