24 Hours in Lisboa

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Mami Pereira, otherwise known as the “arqueolojista”, takes us on a tour of the past in the present day. Eight discoveries that give a taste of a Lisbon in permanent flux.



Born in Lisbon in 1983, Mami Pereira first studied Cultural Communication and then Art History. Journalist, blogger and photographer, she was the editor of Le Cool Lisboa and writes about the city for the Lisboa ConVida guides. She can often be seen drinking milky coffees and eating palmiers in the cafés of Chiado, however, what she enjoys most is discovering and photographing old shops and spending hours chatting with old folks. Besotted with the classics, in 2011 she created the A Arqueolojista project, which sees her visit different shops in search of old treasures. Despite being 100% “egological”, what really shine on the site are the city’s traditional shops… and quite rightly so!




by Manuel Simões



Breakfast queen

“Panificação Mecânica is almost certainly the most beautiful of its type in Lisbon. Here, breakfast has had an Art Nouveau flavour since 1944. The tiles are from Bordalo Pinheiro, the chandeliers are lovely and the bread rolls and décor fantastic!”

Panificação Mecânica
Rua Silva Carvalho, 209
+351 21 381 2260


Newspaper in hand

“In the time when Rossio was spelt with a C (before 1894), moustachioed men with top hats would come here to buy cigars, read the newspaper headlines and observe the ladies getting on the tram. The Tabacaria Mónaco has become a veritable museum under a blue sky filled with swallows. There are a thousand secrets to be uncovered.”

Tabacaria Mónaco
Praça D. Pedro IV, 21
+351 21 346 8191


Sowing the seeds

“Before embarking in the ark and after a visit to the zoo, Noah came here to buy gardens and vegetable patches in sachets. And ever since 1935, we green Portuguese have been doing the same. This month, the Borda d’Água almanac recommends sowing snapdragons and turnips.”

Soares & Rebelo
Rua do Amparo, 2
+351 21 880 6040


Steak and vinho verde

“Legend has it that the cod and liver is good here. The problem is that, with such good meat and chips, you can never order anything else. There’s no coffee but the vinho verde makes up for it. And if you want to share a rice pudding, ask for two.”

Adega dos Lombinhos
Rua dos Douradores, 52
+351 21 887 8028



If you don’t have tea, drink coffee!

“Since 1933, this café has been visited by grandparents and hungry grandchildren eager to fill their pockets with bonbons, sweets and tea. As children shouldn’t drink coffee, it’s mostly the grandparents who take packets of the various blends to keep in old cupboards filled with fans and porcelain.”

Casa Pereira da Conceição
Rua Augusta, 102
+351 21 342 3000



“Instead of vegetables, it has crockery, and instead of detergents, it has presents. There are old toys for grown-up kids, hidden treasure, and collectors’ items. A shop that forgot it was a grocer and decided to become an antiques dealer.”

Memórias do Tempo
Calçada do Combro, 63
+351 21 342 3553


Praying for more

“Ginjinha (traditional cherry liqueur) is like Lisboners’ holy water, helping them forget their problems with each sip. Perhaps this is why the old tavern (1890) opens even earlier that the neighbouring church. Communion is taken at the bar, where the clientele ask for the nectar “with or without (the cherries)”, making a toast and drinking until their prayers are answered.”

Ginjinha sem Rival
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 7
+351 21 346 8231



Times change…

“A Paródia is from the time when you asked for a kiss on the mouth in the most polite fashion. Nowadays, customers eat toasties and gulp strong cocktails that emanate heart-shaped smoke rings in a Bohemian ambience, whilst under the gaze of the gods of silent films staring from the surrounding posters.”

Bar A Paródia
Rua do Patrocínio, 26
+351 21 396 4724


Five shops for collecting aromas

1 - A Carioca

The good morning smell of freshly-ground coffee and grains.

Rua da Misericórdia, 9
+351 21 342 0377

2 - Antiga Casa do Bacalhau

The scent of salted cod; the smell of the sea and the Discoveries.

Praça da Figueira, 2B
+351 21 342 6256

3 - Loja das Colecções

Antique books, old photographs and love letters; the smell of the past.

Rua da Misericórdia, 147
+351 21 346 3057

4 - Ervanária Rosil

The fine smell of good health and the aroma of medicinal herbs.

Rua da Madalena, 210
+351 21 887 2097

5 - Drogaria Oriental

Mix of perfumes with that of everything you want to buy. The smell of nostalgia.

Rua dos Fanqueiros, 238
+351 21 887 3869

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