24 Hours in Guimarães

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Take a look at this itinerary mapped out by the writer Pedro Chagas Freitas and discover the European Capital of Culture 2012.



“Savouring an illusion is worth all the disillusions in the world” and “Not sinning further was my greatest sin” are some of the reflections that Pedro Chagas Freitas shares with thousands of followers on his Facebook page. This writer from Guimarães also publicises some of the surprising initiatives he’s been involved with body and soul: from writing a book in 2,012 minutes, without interruptions, to the simultaneous publication of ten of his works. This literary adventure began at the age of 13 with some romantic poems “with little literary value”, but from then on, Pedro perfected his art and never looked back, producing everything from fictional and reflective articles, humorous texts, advertising, novels, books of poetry… With such a busy professional life, he rarely has free time, but enough to (re)discover his home town.



Something sweet to start the day

As well as being one of the oldest bakeries in the city, it also brings back happy childhood memories and it’s perfect for those who like something sweet for breakfast. I particularly recommend the torta de Guimarães, one of the traditional cakes of the region.

Padaria das Trinas
Rua das Trinas, 23
+351 25 341 2036



Age is status

To escape from the usual routine, I suggest a visit to these cultural associations, unknown to the majority of tourists and, despite being long in the tooth, very pro-active. There’s always something going on, from plays to writing and music classes.

Círculo de Arte e Recreio
Rua Francisco Angra, 74
+351 25 351 8333

Convívio Associação Cultural
Largo da Misericórdia, 7 e 8
+351 25 351 3013


Francesinhas a la Guimarães

Although a dish normally associated with the city of Porto, the francesinhas (Portuguese version of the croque monsieur) in Guimarães are also delicious. I recommend two places: O Diploma, next to the University of Minho, and Buggy, which is open until the early hours.

Restaurante O Diploma
Rua Cónego Dr. Manuel Faria, Loja 7
+351 25 343 8139

Pizzaria e Hamburgueria Buggy
Rua Padre Firmino, 178
+351 25 355 6955



Burning calories

As I’m a big fan of sport, I recommend a game of tennis at the Clube de Ténis de Guimarães. Open Village Sports também is also a great place to do some exercise. Other sports-related stuff includes a visit to the Vitória de Guimarães football club, which is an important focal point of the region and one of the best places to feel the local culture and character.

Clube de Ténis de Guimarães
Quinta da Feijoeira
+351 25 351 2579

Open Village Sports
Travessa da Ribeira, 629
+351 25 354 0630

Complexo Desportivo Dr. António Pimenta Machado
Rua Antero Henriques da Silva
+351 25 343 2570


Lusitano thoroughbreds

Riding a horse is perfect for getting some fresh air and enjoy the city landscape. The João Ribeiro stables have Lusitano thoroughbreds, which are a breed worthy of respect and preservation.

Coudelaria Herdeiros João Ribeiro
Lugar de Madalte, Rua Eiras, 567
+351 25 352 4804


Sacred moments

At the end of the afternoon, why not visit the sacred art musuem, where visitors will find lovely pieces, like D. João I buffcoat and the silver tryptych belong to this king. During the month of August, it stays open until midnight.

Museu de Alberto Sampaio
Rua Alfredo Guimarães
+351 25 342 3910


É um jantar português, com certeza!

The town of Caldas das Taipas is well-known for its springs, but aso for its good restaurants. Fertuzinhos is one of my favourites. In addition to its outside tables, it boasts a homely feel and we can enjoy traditional dishes, like baked cod, to the sound of fados and impromptu song from Guimarães.

Casa de Pasto Fertuzinhos
Avenida da República
+351 25 357 6959



And when night falls…

To help your dinner go down, what better than a stroll around the historical centre of the city. If you do have a walk, make sure you pop into Tásquilhado, one of the town’s best bars and a place to enjoy a wide range of musical styles. I also like El Rock, the oldest bar in this part of the city, where you can listen to…rock.

Bar Tásquilhado
Rua Santa Maria, 42
+351 96 384 5581

El Rock Bar
Praça de São Tiago, 31
+351 96 608 1490


by Igor Garcia Pires


Five events not to miss in the European Capital of Culture 2012

1 - Cinema goes to town

In August, Guimarães is a cinema-city, with screenings in squares and parks.

Various locations
1 to 31.08.12, 21h30


2 - Barco Rock Fest

Bisonte and Alto! are a couple of the bands confirmed for the line-up confirmed for the seventh line-up of this festival.

Praia Fluvial de Barco
1 to 4.08.12


3 - Kiosque das Marionetas

Brand new stories specially-commissioned for Guimarães for use with puppets.

Various locations
3 to 5.08.12; 10 to 12.08.12; 17 to 19.08.12
Friday, at 21h30; Saturday, at 17h and at 21h30; Sunday, at 11h and at 17h


4 - Ugia Pedreira and Fred Martins

The two songwriters present the album Acrobata.

Fábrica Asa – Espaço On/Off
18.08.12, 22h


5 - Dança Macabra

This exhibition entails a mechanical system moving various pieces of clothing around the space.

Fábrica Asa
Until 9.09.12
Monday and Wednesday, 10h-20h; Thursday to Sunday, 10h-22h

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