2020 with Portuguese bubbly

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Good: 2020

Better: with Portuguese bubbly

“And we were in a reserved wagon, among huge cushions, with partridges and champagne in a basket”, said Jacinto, a character in Eça de Queirós’s short story “Civilization”, published in 1892. A man with a weakness for luxury, who tired of the city and caught the train to self-exile in the purifying countryside – although not without fine French wine! It would be a few more decades until Portugal began producing quality sparkling wines, which began in the Douro, Alentejo and Bairrada regions. Nowadays, in addition to the last on the list, the Lamego region dominates production, although fine sparkling wines are made throughout the country, reflecting the great diversity of Portuguese terroirs. And so we end this issue of UP as we started it: saying Le’Haim!, to life!


by João Macdonald


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