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Sagardi Cozinheiros Bascos, Porto

Rua de São João, 54 \\\

The concept was originally launched in 1994 by the chefs and brothers Iñaki and Mikel López de Viñaspre in Barcelona, a homage to traditional Basque cuisine and produce. Porto’s historic centre was chosen for the opening of the first Sagardi Basque Cooks. On the ground floor there is a terrace and pintxos counter, below the chance to enjoy authentic flavours, where diners can eat txuleton and fresh fish from the Matosinhos fish market.


The Museum, Lisboa

Largo da Trindade, 16 \\\

A pop-up open until next June, from French chef Luca Pronzato, where the idea is to bring new generations of chefs together. A round table with 12 seats, and six at the chef’s table, with names from Lisbon, Bilbao and Rio de Janeiro.


D. Afonso, O Gordo, Lisboa

Rua Santo António da Sé, 18 \\\

There are new dishes at this restaurant steeped in Portuguese history, with memories of Angola from Fábio Gomes, who joins the resident chef, João Fragoeiro. There’s suckling pig, fried horse mackerel, lamb stew, and sea bass.



Oliveira da Serra TAP Campanhas


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