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Livraria Cabeçudos


This is the first place entirely dedicated to children’s books, with over a thousand Portuguese, international and Braille editions. There are also ecologially responsible toys on sale, as well as storytelling sessions, workshops, literary gatherings and concerts.

Rua Comandante Cousteau, lote 4.04.01. Loja A – Parque das Nações

+351 21 800 5184

Tuesday to Sunday , 10h – 20h


Gormiti – Os Invencíveis Senhores da Natureza


A music-packed show, with special effects and tons of adventure! Discover the origin of Gormitis and the inhabitants of the fantastic island of Gorm, who are all part of the elements of nature: air, water, earth and fire.

Pavilhão Atlântico – Sala Atlântico

+351 21 891 8471

27.02.2011, 11h and 15h

€18 – €35


O que é Rock?


An essential part of North American music, rock treads the boards for a concert that tells its own story, propounds its main concepts and, most of all, get the crowd singing along to a repertoire that has been heard for decades.

Casa da Música, Sala 2

+351 22 012 0290

05.02.2011, 16h




Oliveira da Serra TAP Campanhas


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